Friday, November 4, 2011

...'I bet you make some young strangers happy when we die"

On 10-27-11, J & I celebrated our 10th anniversary, so we decided to do what we do best... head to the seaside! This is the view of the ocean from our room, and the reflection of our historic hotel off ultra-modern neighboring hotel!This is the view from our hotel window... beach, ocean, and a reflection of our historic hotel off of the ultra-modern neighboring building!
daily beach walks in search of sea glass, this particular trip the tide was low enough that we were able to stroll under the piers... seemed that all too soon we had to leave the glitz-n-glam, blue ocean-n-skies...








Welcome to Pennsylvania folks!

It took us 1hour to drive 15 miles.

Those trees that had been SOOO Beautiful, and at the Peak of their Fall Colour on our trip down, just couldn't hold the weight of all of their leaves AND the snow!! When they started coming down across the turnpike a little too close for comfort, we decided it was time to find a place to pull-off and stay for the night. Allentown, PA it was!

The next morning the sun was bright and the roads were looking MUCH BETTER!

I have taken advantage of every sunny day with what I fear to be a 'last' seaglass trip (top photo is the yield of our Ocean trip, middle photo: FingerLake (Seneca); bottom/right photo: Great Lake (Ontario).

Reinforcing the realization that Winter is lurking in the shadows is the dwindling number of sales in the NE! Holiday Craft / Bazaars peaked this past weekend in our area. A bittersweet farewell to fall. My favorite of these 'Bazaars' excels in the vintage jewelry!! I'm sure that I have raved about these 'Church Ladies' in the past, but I M.U.S.T. do it again! All of the above jewelry came from them. They told me the amount. I'm sure that the ladies that do the pricing used to work at the local 'Five and Dime'. I gave them a five dollar bill. They started to count out my change, and I told them to keep it. They just stared at me with the strangest looks!!?! Then repeated what I owed them. If I had given them the three one dollar bills in my pocket, they still would have owed me change - that is how ridiculously low the prices are!!

They are all quality pieces too!! Trifari, Monet, Sarah Coventry, Genuine Copper, Coro, Lisner,

and....SWEATER CLIP 2011 #11

The other Bazaars of the weekend treated me well also...

SWEATER CLIP 2011 #12 ($1)


these two little beauties

that I am rather

fond of...

SWEATER CLIPS 2011 #13 & #14 ($1 ea)

wondering what is so special about them?

The LEAF sweater clip is a signed TRIFARI ~ finding a signed sweater clip is RARE!! I think that I only have about 6-8 of them in my collection!

The other sweater clip has a personalized pendant 'PAULINE'... nobody that I know, just kind of fun!

Now the sales are over for the season, time to get busy with some head-on, 'for-real' SELLING & PURGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But First, You H.A.V.E. to watch this!!

It's cute.

It gets kinda old after a while, but toward the end there is one line that I 'like' to think sums up all of our old 'STUFF'...

"I bet you make some young strangers happy when we die"

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Shara said...

That song is great! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip even if you DID have to deal with snow. You will always remember your 10th and the SNOW.

And now.....on to the BIRTHDAY festivities!