Thursday, November 10, 2011


Yesterday I went AWOL from work to roadtrip to my parents house. Spent the morning helping Mom clean the basement, then in the afternoon we started 'THE' hooking project that has been playing in the back of my mind for about a year now.
My Grandmother hooked rugs, and my mother 'used' to hook rugs - the last one that she did was back in the 50's (and yes, I DO have it, in all of it's ultra-moderne design!!!). I really have no interest in this primitive style of 'crafting', BUT, I figure if I'm ever going to learn - or may EVER have any interest - better do it NOW. Soooooooo....
~I have Grandma's shuttle style hook
~been gather 100% wool clothing in FUN colors at Rummage Bag Sales
~Finally was able to purchase a 'BLISS STRIP CUTTER' at a reasonable price
~Located Burlap to use as backing at Tractor Supply Store
~Dad is making us the proper size Stretcher
Let the good times roll!
If you would like to see some BEAUTIFUL examples of Rug Hooking done by a Pro (with proper materials!!) check out Cathy G's site!!


Shara said...

Can't wait to see what creation you make first! I've always thought rug hooking looked interesting and fun. But, I've never tried it - let us see your first project!

Jim said...

Sounds like you are 'ready to go'! My grandmother 'hooked' as well and I used to love to watch her. She used any material she could get her hands on....and she was fast!
It is quite an art form in it's own right!
Thanks for dropping by today!