Saturday, December 4, 2010


Wish I had Wonderfully Festive & Decorative photos to show you... but this is all I've got... I hate to say it, but it is the Fourth of December and I've got Nothing!

The only 'lovelies' paying homage to this twelfth month holiday to be found scattered around our house are those items somewhere in the Ebay / ETSY stages (photo to pack-n-ship)! I have been 'informed' that is all to change THIS MORNING!... I have a date. DH and I are going to pick out our tree.

This Wed. 'The Crew' (for any newbies: bunch of college gal bestest buddies!!) is gathering for our Annual Cookie Baking Weekend (Could this Really be the 20th year that we have done this???). We exchange little 'stocking' gift bags with each other, consisting of mostly garage sale finds or craft experiments gone wrong or Winery finds!!!
For a change of pace, after I had finished making the Holiday Candy, I decided to get out my soldering iron (I know, I know... I had said 'NOT until after the Holidays!!'), and make 'The Crew 'Personalized Pendants'. Well, my soldering 'still' needs a LOT of practice ~ so they are each getting 'Personalized Ornaments' (ie: craft exp. gone wrong) in their stockings, and maybe, if I whittle out a little more time they will each get a piece from my Skeleton key collection 8-)!


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