Thursday, December 16, 2010

...((sigh)) all went as planned, and NO BIG BOXES were entered!!

8:30 Drop packages at Post Office
9am Get RX filled at best local pharmacy where the same 3 pharmacists/owners are ALWAYS working, know my name, my prescription, etc... RX is always filled within 4min of drop-off... They are THE BEST (and 1/2 the price of chain pharmacies!!)

OKAY... Time. To. CHRISTMAS. SHOP. Now or never. It is going to happen TODAY! I had a plan. It was a week day. Decent weather. Early Start. Doing this solo. No distractions. I was staying in town. NO MALLS. NO BIG BOX STORES. I had my list.

OOPS! The TrailBlazer had other plans... I was cruising along, everything going according to plan. Making good progress. Then that darn thrift sign... Okay, just a quickie... The second I walked in, what did I spy from across the room? (VERA 2010 #32)

(I think I was particularly atuned to the butterflies because just the night before I had been looking at these pages in my VERA BOOK!!)

That was it. Then I was back on my scheduled rounds. I must say I did a 'kick-butt' job on my shopping today - I actually enjoyed it... didn't 'buy things', just to 'buy things' (do you know what I mean??!). Just a few SPECIALTY things left to pick-up 'out of town' this weekend... ~ ~ ~ Happy Dance ~ ~ ~

Oh, and as a reward for a 'job well done', I did allow the TrailBlazer to veer off course into another thrift on the way home...

VERA 2010 #33

VERA 2010 #34

Hope everyone is finding a little time for some 'stuffing / junking' amidst this hectic holiday season 8-) !!


Shara said...

I went shopping yesterday. I just needed some filler items. I went to the Box Stores and my mind went numb. Retail is just no FUN. I bought a package of socks and that was it! I got my wind back when I my car managed to swerve into a thrift too. :D Great minds think alike!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Wonderful thrift store finds. Glad you got your shopping done!

Protector of Vintage said...

Wow, you have had such great success! Lovely finds.