Monday, November 29, 2010

...home again, home again

This past Wednesday we took off for the Ocean... the COLD, NE OCEAN!!! A November first for me!!!!

Definitely NOT easy to seaglass pick with gloves on! I managed though! Another 'first'... seaglass hunting on Thanksgiving morning 8-) (knowing that Mom & Dad were home feasting with grandkids and Great grandkids put my mind at ease!).

Seaglass 'GEMS' included a 'full' coke bottom that reads ATLANTIC CITY NJ (ultimate souvenir!) and
On my birthday (Saturday) DH spotted this RUBY RED 'RECO' (boat light??/boob??) that the sea gods offered up.

The main reason for the trip was the 'LEGENDS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT' which Syracuse University was playing in, though I will COMPLETELY deny and say it was ALL ABOUT ME & MY BIRTHDAY!! (for the record, SU did win the tournie for 'ME' on MY BIRTHDAY!) The tournament was held in Boardwalk Hall, which is where the Miss America Pageant used to be held. It was fun to wander around inside and check it out - neat, OLD building on the Boardwalk!
The casino's were done up for Christmas, though not as much as I would have expected... (this is Caesar's)
...and Tiffany's in the mall across the street was very 'tastefully' decorated!

While on our journey, I wore one of my recent 'creations', and got lot's of 'validation' (ie: compliments) - that, and the fact that it 'held-up'/'survived' made me feel good 8-), so now I will show my "blog audience" the first of my SKELETON KEY SERIES...
I have lots of other ideas, that include soldering and seaglass, floating around in my head - but I'm making them stay there until after the Holidays!!!!
What Birthday / Holiday would be complete without......
((drumroll please))

Haeger 2010 #38 & #39

SweaterClips 2010 #19 & #20
(custom designed even! and on a custom card!!)
Enough 'froggin' around, time to swing into Christmas Full-On NOW!!!


Shara said...

You're baaaack! Glad you had a nice trip and a great birthday. Finding that coke bottle bottom was kismet. A perfect souvenir for you. When I go on a trip, I like to get a rock, or something fom nature to remember my trip. I smuggled a coconut back from Hawaii that I watched bob in the ocean until I could get it. I was thrilled - the people I was with thought I was loco. :D

Shara said...

I forgot to add thatyour necklace is wonderful. And, that red "boob" you found is AWESOME! Perhaps a red boob / skeleton key necklace???

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love sea glass! What great pieces especially the red.

Mermaid's Purse said...

Indeed the Sea Glass God's were kind to you, Love the cool is that? Making great memories.
Happy Hunting.

Fair Winds and Calm Seas,
Deborah Leon

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

Ahh, so glad you had a great trip for your b-day! I know your post is all about sea glass and pottery but I have to say I just love your hat!

Vintage Christine said...

Yup, that hat is absolutely the bomb on you, girlfriend! Cuuuuute! Love the necklace creation. Do you know I have had NO luck whatsoever finding any more sweater clips? I guess people just didn't wear them down here, probably because it's hardly ever cool enough to wear a sweater (and when it does get cold, people jump right from t-shirts and shorts to Arcticwear--the natives can't handle cold in southern MS and Louisiana!).

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Happy belated birthday! Those seaglass finds were the best I have seen...possibly ever! Such an exciting trip!

Anonymous said...

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