Sunday, November 7, 2010


To our friend in Maine who lost his fight 11-5-10

"Did you just say that you had too much stuff?????"

This comment on my last post really left me with some food for thought... Had those words inadvertently come out of MY mouth? Was that what I was saying? - that I had too much stuff? Hmmm... A while back I had put myself into a self-imposed 'de-stuff', right-brain period. I'm still working at it... I waiver... The 'projects' have slowed a bit, but they are still in 'the works' as I sit in front of TV evenings. I am progressing steadily with the 'de-stuffing' ~ sending stuff to two different consignment shops, donations, ETSY and EBAY... LOTS yet to do, but hey, anything going 'OUT' is progress!! DON'T get me wrong, I'm not trying to work my way out of a 'Hoarder' situation or anything (isn't that just THE. NASTIEST. SHOW. EVER. ?!!). I guess just the thought of ever getting to a point even remotely near that scares the bejeezus out of me!!!!!
I guess I'm just anal or maybe a bit OCD and like to know 'exactly' where everything is, and everything needs to have a home. When there gets to be 'too much' - it get's to be 'too much' for me and it is time to PURGE! Guess that partially explains why I SO ADORE the Avery Label gun that I picked up last Summer at a sale and was thrilled this week when I picked up a bag FULL of various colored rolls of DYMO refills that fit it for $1.00 !! Those 'picnic baskets' & 'train cases' are so much more user friendly when their contents are labelled!!

Still, my home needs to be 'me'. I wouldn't be happy in a sterile 'ultra-modern' minimalist environment. If that is 'YOU', that is fine!- it's Take this peacock I found the other day in one of my regular haunts - she stole my heart, and HAD to come home with me - not for the XMAS season - she will be out year-round as a quirky surprise, tucked in amongst a plant. As with just about everything around our house- it is there for either comfort or enjoyment - nothing precious or to be worried about. When friends are over and we've been doing shots of tequila, it's not unusual for everyone to end up wearing the vintage black hats that I have adorning the wall on the stairs!! Now you are asking "What about all of that Haeger?" That's why we don't pay big bucks for it - so we don't have to worry about it! I don't ever want our 'stuff' to own us! I don't ever want our friends to feel uncomfortable in our home, or to worry about their kids in our home - and if/when it gets to that point... then THERE IS TOO MUCH STUFF!

Until then, I shall continue to purge, so that I can continue an occassional 'splurge' 8-) !!

All of my trips A-rummaging aren't COMPLETELY frivalous though...- look what I grabbed for $5 on Friday... (and then went back and grabbed two more for Christmas gifts!!)

Of course, there are always a 'few' frivolous purchases!

(VERA 2010 #30)

Now, I must go study up and re-learn how to place a call (gr.....) - have I mentioned how much I hate change?? DH is the techno-guru in our house, and he has recently insisted we update my phone.... Let me introduce 'Lady Solstice', here's hoping we have a long happy co-existence!! so-long 'Holiday Flash', you served me well...

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Anonymous said...

Well, make room for a few more things coming your way...Vera?! LOL. I have to say, my dad just updated to the Samsung that you have and he is doing well. This from a man that took a looooonnnnngggggg time to even get an answering machine, still doesn't have cable, or a computer. BUT he can text me now! Have fun. By the way, love the peacock! I have one that stays out all year too!