Thursday, March 11, 2010


No VERA book yet.
DH & I went out for a quick dinner last night at one of our usual spots. As we pulled in the parking lot, I gave him 'the look' - a look he knows ALL TO WELL. His reply to 'the look'... "We're going 'there' aren't we?." . By 'there', he meant The Thrift which just happens to be within walking distance of the restaurant. I smiled and nodded. After all, it was a nice evening for a walk. As luck would have it, they had a fresh supply of scarves in!! I found this classic 28" square VERA (2010 #4), and tossed it to DH (who was standing ever-so-patiently-by ~ha, ha~ as I picked up each.and.every. scarf )
Then I found this 1950's Bahamas souvenir scarf, and I tossed that to him. In his boredom he started reading all of the attractions depicted on the scarf... "COIN DIVERS!"

While we were on the beach of Paradise Island in the Bahamas picking up the 'Sea Coins', we did much speculating as to the origins of our 'new found treasures' (1990's and newer coins of US, Bahamas, Canada and Cruiseline Tokens...). This 1950's souvenir scarf added more mystique to the coins!!
Home to the computer to do some research on 'COIN DIVERS'. Apparently tourists on big steamers tossed coins to the locals around the docks - the ones that missed and went into the water, locals 'dove' for. Now we are wondering if there are some 'Crazy 50's fanatics' out there that are reliving this phenomenon and still tossing coins from the 3 Cruise-Lines that dock daily at the adjacent Nassau Island ?! Maybe? As plausible as any other explanation we've been able to come up with...

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Shara said...

My parents went to Aruba many years ago. When they took a boat trip out to look at the land and wildlife, these kids would come swimming up out of no where. People would throw coins at them and they would swim down and get them. Some even caught them in their mouths. My Mom only threw a few big coins, for fear ne would choke to death on them.