Wednesday, March 31, 2010

...#7, #8, worth the wait!!

The l-o-n-g winter wait is finally over - last Saturday (3-27-10) marked opening day of Rummage Season in Central NY!
I couldn't wait - I HAD to get a little 'target practice' in, and hit a few thrift/second hand shops on Friday... It was a good practice session, marked by a set of retro cacti cocktail glasses, a roll of print seam binding, the most adorable yellow wicker sewing kit with a wooden cover - full of goodies (all to be bound for ETSY - soon... really!!),

a 'black' VERA scarf (2010 #7) - I think this may be only my second or third black background VERA!!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early, showered, caffeined, small bills in hand and ready to go!!!!!

I was surprised, this sale was well advertised, but there was an amazingly small turnout! All the better for me! I got to be the first at the Christmas table - YIPPEE!Shiney Brites! Made in Poland! Walnuts of Red! and Gold! and White! Indents! Lime Green & Black Stripes! even an Acorn!!

A mini forest of bottle brush trees, pottery elephant, retro candles that will nicely complement some of my Haeger, hilarious kids books, clay mold, San Fran Music Box Co music box, beads and a vintage apron were just a few of my other scores on opening morning!

When I got home, DH greeted me with "You got a package!"

Let me back up a minute....
Our VERA book saga left off on 3-17-10 when I s-t-i-l-l hadn't rec'd the book that I had ordered almost two-weeks earlier from Anthropologie. I called them on the 17th, explained that I hadn't rec'd my order... and here is how the conversation went from there:
Anthropologie: 'Do you have your order confirmation #?"
S: 'No, I received an e-mail and deleted it before I printed it."
A: 'That's okay, we can look it up by your e-mail address'
~gave that info to them~
A: 'Okay, Am I speaking to Mrs. V...... @ such-n-such address in such-n-such city?'
S: 'Yes'
A: 'Mrs. V...., we don't have an order for you.'
S:' Well, then, how do you have all of that info on me??'
A: 'Oh, you opened an account on that day, but you didn't place an order. Would you like to place an order now?'
S: 'Yes.'
~gave them the item # for the book~
A: 'Oh, we're sorry, that is all sold out. Would you like to order anything else?'
S: 'No.'

I was a little disgusted and a LOT disappointed to say the least! A week later I got one of their weekly e-mail catalogs in my inbox, and I typed in the book # just to see if it came up as SOLD OUT - it didn't ??!! So, for the heck of it I ordered it... and THREE DAYS LATER...
OH! MY! This VERA (2010 #8) was SOOOO worth the wait!! I haven't allowed myself to just sit down, and completely pour through it - I have numerous other things on 'the front burner' right now - but I did sit and read the first ten pages! This isn't just your average 'coffee table' picture book. It goes so in depth about VERA. Her thought process. Her designs. Oh, I don't even know how to begin to describe this book!!
**NEED INFO QUICKLY: Heading through OHIO (East Liverpool ~ Zanesville ~ Columbus) in near future... any 'must stops' for a pottery/stuff nut? I promised DH that we would NOT go to Longaberger Again! Thanks in advance!!!***


~~Carol~~ said...

Wow, you had an amazing thrifting day! That yellow sewing basket is yummy. Would you believe I have THREE of those baskets? A blue one, and two pink ones. Who needs that many?? Obviously I do!

Shara said...

You make me get excited about some good sales finally coming up. I need a FIX!

I don't really care about Longaberger Baskets - but I would LOVE to see that GIANT Picnic Basket building!

You guys have FUN!

Protector of Vintage said...

Wow! Your season is starting out strong!! Lovely items.

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo glad you got the book!! I was so bummed for you when you told me the saga of the phone call. So glad that was NOT the end of the story!

Love the Christmas Ornaments. I once bought 4 full boxes, yes still in their box, for 25 cents each box.
-Mrs. M

Vintage Christine said...

I wasn't able to get to Haeger in northern Illinois (everyone looked at me like I was crazy for even thinking about it) but did find a Haeger bowl at Goodwill in Evansville, IN (same place I got the awesome dinette set for $35). Still haven't seen any VERA around here but I've cut my shopping trips waaaaaay back for awhile. I had a similar experience with the blog books I ordered--didn't get them for a long time and when I called they told me that oops, they somehow didn't get printed but they would "generously" not charge me to redo them. Redo something you never did in the first place? Huh? Anyway, I got them. So glad you finally got your book, too!!!!

Heidi said...

Hey Sue,
Just got my new Anthropologie catalog yesterday and there is a section of home goods and Vera is in there as a featured artist! They have her designs made into these amazing huge rugs (to the tune of $1700 each, ack) and some other stuff. Don't know if you can see it on the website, but thought you might want to check it out!

meghan said...

I have a set of those highball AZ. 50s printed glasses that I love. Good scores. :)