Monday, December 7, 2009

..."Life is Calling"

'They" say that Life isn't a Spectator Sport,
( and I would have to wholeheartedly agree.)
This years 'Do You Want To Go To The SeaSide' vignette, complete with shells from Sanibel, victorian fishbowl and of course VERA and HAEGER for good luck!!

"They" also say that Time passes slowly for those who are waiting,
(this also has proven to be true.)The 'construction barrels' in front of our house kind of fit in at Halloween, but not-so-much for Christmas!
"They" have prophetically made statements about How swiftly time passes for those with a purpose....My 'HAEGER pretties' all glitzed out with some toppers!

My question for 'They' is... how can I make time go as slowly as 'the days until my toes will be in warm sand again', yet not become a spectator?? Anyone?

'Birthday' Ballerina from DH is getting center stage this Xmas.

So what is this poor girl to do? It is barely over TWO WEEKS until CHRISTMAS! Sure I could cut back on my decorating & Holiday themed trees... come up with a few less 'hare-brained' ideas for projects 'to-do'... commit to a few less group functions... not make as many appetizers for the 'pre-work party' happy hour we are having this weekend at our house... nix the Xmas Card Mailing thing this year and do it via Email (yuk!!!!)... skip cookie baking with 'the crew'...
These are the things that make the Holidays worthwhile to me!! They aren't things that I HAVE to do... they are ALL things that I want to do!! If I 'cut back'... then time will move more s.l.o.w.l.y. ... but then again won't I just be a spectator?!

You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must MAKE it.--Charles Buxton
On a MUCH 'lighter' note... did anyone notice how their stocks increased this week???!?!

Well, that is anyone who has a stock of vintage Christmas ornaments (as I'm sure most of us are guilty!). I had a 'few' OOPS around the house while decorating. My boss, the ultimate lover/collector of antique ornaments tried to console me one day at work while I was 'crying over spilled milk' with the sentiment of "That's okay S-, the fewer there are, the more valuable that makes mine..."


Vintage Christine said...

There is never enough time. That's what makes life so exciting, trying to fit in everything as we race through our days. As I've grown older, I've decided that I'm going to take life as it comes, deal with it as best I can, and move on. That shouldn't be such a major decision but it's been a tough one for me until now--I always tried to plan and then got upset when things didn't go according to that plan. Thanks for your post--it really got me thinking about life and time and all that good stuff!

★Carol★ said...

I love how you incorporated Christmas into your lovely pottery collection! I had to pack alot of mine away in order to put out my Christmas stuff!

Unknown said...

Never ever enough time. Nor will there ever be, I'm thinking!

I had an ornament casualty on Sunday morning--the dog's waggy tail knocked one off the tree (actually knocked it off the cap hanger, which was securely attached to the tree) and it met a shattery, sparkly end. :( Only one so far though, but I doubt it will be the last!

Shara said...

I always brag that my cats love the tree. They sit under it and admire it - never bothering it. But, today, the big FAT 22 pounder got one of my beloved paper maiche head soldiers and ATE HIS HEAD. That cat is on my LIST tonight!

*I spy with my little eye - some glittery FISH!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Your collections are amazing!! The window trimmed with ornaments will be copied over here..beautiful decorations and I "hear" you when you write about time issues. Just jump in and enjoy.
♥, Susan