Saturday, November 21, 2009

...''tis the season, for...

...mighty a lack-luster posting...


no stellar finds, 'wowser ETSY sales', a HAEGER or even a glint of a sweater clip to report this week....

I've been good. (Santa, I hope you are paying close attention!!)
I've been strong. (do you know how hard it is to reprogram a Trailblazer to go by those thrift shops?!)

No 'stuffing'. Just my yearly retail visit (with 30% off coupon in hand!) to Kohl's to restock my Winter necessities... TURTLENECKS! - White! Black! Blue! yes, yes, control your excitement, I DO live on the edge.
(o.k., so I did stop by the 90% off clearance rack and grabbed a couple of pairs of Halloween socks - that I NEEDED and a pair of 'glitzy' sandals for the Spring)
'What Not To Wear' would SOOO have a field day with my wardrobe, or rather 'daily uniform'!! Oct-Apr= Jeans/Khakis, and a turtleneck with either a big-bulky pullover sweater or a cardigan. Oh, and of course a bold pin or scarf!! I can hear Stacey now "Well, there is nothing wrong with your clothes if you're going out to milk goats in Vermont..." . What do you think they would recommend for somebody in the COLD NE that during the course of the SAME 8 hour day will be doing everything from working retail with customers to digging through literal piles-O-$#!% in dirty barns/basements/attics??? I have been known to metamorphis through the magic of washing my hands & face, dusting off my jeans, brushing my hair, taking off my scummy carhardt coat and re-tieing my scarf around my neck ~ been 'retail ready' in minutes!
Is your cup of coffee long gone?!
Can you tell I'm procrastinating? I must get stockings 'stuffed' (ie: candy made, and gifties wrapped) - stocking exchange with the parents is 11-27... less than SEVEN DAYS!!!!


Shara said...

I never go to Kohl's, but I really need to - I can see that now! I love a deal!

Don't forget between Thanksgiving and Stocking Day to celebrate your BIRTHDAY!

grunge-queen said...

Funny post, I can relate to the "Ive been good, I've been strong" thing! And I'm sure you're being too hard on yourself about the What Not To Wear Thing!!

grunge-queen said...

Hi, send me your email to as I can't find your email - may be able to help with your question! Kelly/Grungequeen