Wednesday, November 4, 2009

...leave it.

(From my PAGE-A-DAY online Green calendar)
"Eighteen percent of the waste produced by the average family in the U.S. comes from the yard and garden, according to the Environmental Defense Fund. Keep yard waste out of the landfill by composting, or give organic garden debris to your city for municipal composting. Start with your city’s website for more information. (And remember: no leaf blowers!)"

That is a WONDERFUL thought, but in our city's infinite wisdom, they have created a new policy for this Fall's leaf 'pick-up'.... They can no longer be raked to the curb, they must now be bagged in CLEAR PLASTIC bags for pick-up!
♦ Leaves may not be raked to the curb. All leaves must be bagged in an approved
bag and tied. Raking leaves to the curb is prohibited and may result in
fines or separate collection charges that will be billed to the property owner

How's that for making something that is completely biodegradable into Trash!?!!

Our 'leafing adventures' on Sunday did NOT include any Plastic, however it did include the lawnmower mulching the leaves. But Hey, I hand raked - no leafblower (I have the blisters to prove it!!), does that even things out?

Off my soap box ~ Happy Wednesday.


Shara said...

I never rake and bag leaves. I like the look of the leaves on the lawn. Someday soon we will have a very windy day and I will rake them to the ditch where the winds will blow them to the pasture across the street. I never have really understood why people hate leaves!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

I agree with your platform, so you can stay on your soap box. We hand rake or mow and mulch. Thank goodness that our little borough will pick up the loose leaves raked to the curb.
♥, Susan