Tuesday, October 27, 2009

...test run

I guess it is 'up'... maybe?
Get your minds out of the gutter - I'm refering to svelteSTUFF Etsy!
I'm just testing the waters, and have only listed one item - would Really Appreciate any feedback, tips, suggestions, etc. that any of you 'Pros' would be willing to give a 'newbie'!! Link on sidebar (I hope!!)


Heidi said...

I added you to my favorite shops! :) I remember when you bought that huge box of horse ribbons a while back.

You might want to add something in your shop announcements, like what your policy is on shipping international. I have in mine that intl customers can convo me for a shipping quote for a specific item. much easier for me than having to figure out shipping to a dozen countries for each item.

Looks good--keep listing! My goal is to start listing my Christmas stuff next week. I sold quite a bit of vtg Christmas stuff last year and could have probably sold more if I had started earlier!

svelteSTUFF said...

THANKS Heidi!! I thought I had put the 'Intl shipping' thing in there - good catch! I think it is all fixed now.

Shara said...

It looks good to me. But, I'm not a pro, of course. I have a yellow one just like that - I think you sent it to Sarah and she sent it to me. The traveling horse ribon. :D

Gotta get my Christmas stuff listed. I have to resize my photos since DH (not DEAR) broke my low tech camera that I was using for Etsy. Grumble Grumble*

Vintage Christine said...

I wish I had all my old horse show ribbons (that I actually won when I was a kid). I still have some of the trophies although the cheap metal is starting to peel, but they bring back such great memories. Good luck with your Etsy shop--I'm bad about listing stuff and have only sold one item but that's better than nothing!