Thursday, October 29, 2009

...les, ...lus and ...lus!

This morning I felt the need for an adventure.

Got up early and plunged into the fog! First stop on the journey was a little coffee/book shop that I had never been to before.

( and yes, that 50% off coupon I had been carrying around in my purse for about a year was going to expire on Sunday!).After a leisurely white mocha, I headed out. Just down the street, in Barbara's hometown of S...les was a Thrift that I don't get to often.

(SCORE - two sweater clips and a glove clip!!)

Then onward to

a church thrift in M...lus,

and then for a first time visit to a seldom open thrift in C..lus!

(where I found another Ouija Board - YIPPEE!)
A picture perfect day, which even included a couple of VERA!


While at one of the Thrifts, I overheard a couple of people discussing a 'Shard Tree' that they had seen at MacKenzie-Childs... and how much it cost. I thought they were exagerating. When I got home, there sitting in my mail was the latest M-C catalog. Have any of you seen it? Front Cover = Shard Tree = $50,000. !! If you click on their site, it is the first photo that shows up briefly... just in case you want to buy a couple!


Vintage Christine said...

I guess I've been out of the shopping loop too long but I'd never heard of MacKenzie Childs--they're sort of like that Texas emporium of excess that used to sell airplanes from their catalogs. The Shard Tree is awesome, mainly because they expect someone to pay $50,000 for a tower of broken china. Although it IS really nice china. I did love the moose head, though, for only $12,000. Looks like you had a really fun day!

Shara said...

Okay, okay. Stop dropping hints. I ordered you one!

Happy Halloween!

barbara said...

Hey, I recognize that coffee shop! That's MY coffee shop! And MY thrift store (but I don't go every week - but I almost went today!) Glad you found some good things. Boy, when the sale season ends around here, it ends fast, doesn't it? Happy weekend!