Sunday, October 25, 2009

...Autumn au Naturel

I need H.E.L.P!
I'm trying to get an Etsy shop up-n-running...
but there is less than a week until 'The most important of Holidays'.
I don't want to waste time trying to figure out how to get a 'GADGET' onto my blog that will link people to my Etsy Shop,
(I will be forever indebted to anybody out there who is willing to help me with this 'crisis' !!)

To soothe my Etsy-frayed nerves, I decided on a Way-Scaled-Back theme this year - more of Autumn than Halloween. That's fine with me! One of my favorite past-times during the Fall are walks, in which I inevitably come home with pockets full of acorns, chestnuts, leaves - you name it! (Today, I even came home with an empty wasps nest!!). Here's how it is playing out so far...
DINING spray painted Hydrangea in a big white Haeger vase,
...scattered leaves, chestnuts & acorns (can't even tell there are stains on that ancient crocheted tablecloth!!)
...two Haeger Jack-O-Lanterns,
...'just found today' Haeger candle-holder (far left),
...and a piece of curly Wisteria vine with Cardinal-Crows proudly perched!

...Haeger (of course) filled with
...Japanese Lanterns and
...dried Tiger Lily stalks (accented with pheasant feathers!)

The garden remnants, strategically arranged in the corner, so as to look like they belong~
...pumpkin (still waiting to be carved),
...funky gourds for 'Thanksgiving theme conversation',
...Tiger Lily stalks,
...Japanese Lanterns,
all guarded by my old Crow Decoy!

Can you see why I have so little patience for Etsy right now, when I have these 'important' things to do?!


Shara said...

Forever indebted you say....Hmmmmm.

Here's the skinny - at the top of your Etsy Shop it says YOUR ETSY. Click there. On that page at the bottom on the left side it will say PROMOTE - Click on ETSY MINI. Decide what you want to showcase, then copy the code below. Add it to your blog, sit back and wait for the orders to flood in. YEAH!

*Love your decor.
**Acorns get wormy - I speak from experience. Ick.

Protector of Vintage said...

Your home looks beautiful. Can't wait for your etsy shop to open!! Maybe I'll find a few sweater clips there???? Have a nice day.

Vintage Christine said...

Your house looks so pretty and festive--wish I could get up the energy but it's still too hot down here to think Fall. Good luck with the Etsy shop--so far I've sold one thing on mine but I'm too lazy to put much up on it . . .

glenda said...

Cute and spooky in a cool way...
I enjoyed reading it..

Anonymous said...

Your decorating looks great!!!!! Personally I am decorating with lovely tan boxes EVERYWHERE! Also very "festive"! -Mrs. M.

Anonymous said...

your home looks amazing!