Friday, September 25, 2009

...where did Fall go??

Q: How did I spend a couple of hours this morning?
A: Putting together S.I.X. (6!) Christmas Trees!!
As a lover of everything Fall, this is wrong on SOOOO many levels, but there is a legitimate explanation...
My boss is opening another store "IT'S ALWAYS CHRISTMAS".
For the last month I have had a new 'job description', with my primary purpose being the repurposing of 'junk' (gotta love that!!). I've been busy repairing, glueing and sanding; painting (Resort Sand), and distressing 'junk' from his Antique store to be used as display pieces in the new store...
Now that that is done, we have moved onto set-up/display... and today that involved setting up and 'fluffing' Christmas trees! I'm having fun, but this is REALLY cutting into my Fall Spirit!!
I will post more 'complete' photos as we get closer.

To 'revive' myself a bit, I hit a couple of Thrifts on my way home from work - guess what I found...

A whole basket of - what else - Christmas Ornaments!! Even in my 'Bah Humbug' mood I couldn't resist these lovely indents and pinecones at .10¢ each! (SORRY about the HORRIBLE photo!)

Uncovering these two VERA in a Linen Abyss definitely lightened my mood and put a smile on my face!!
How can you not love a big, yellow Elephant on a vibrant red background?!


Shara said...

That elephant scarf is a crack up!

Hey! You won on Two Dog Pond - love your quote!

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

Since it's still so darn hot down here, I loved seeing your pix of Xmas trees. We're still waiting for Fall. You work in an antique store? How cool!

barbara said...

I wouldn't want to put the trees together, but the rest of the job sounds pretty fun!

pve design said...

vintage Vera makes me very happy!
Love the fun colors!

Thrifted Treasure said...

I love those vintage Christmas ornaments! And it sounds like fun getting to repurpose somebody else's "junk"!