Wednesday, September 2, 2009

...gloves are off!

All Summer long I basically L.I.V.E. in my thick, leather gardening gloves. Okay, I better clarify that statement... I don't wear them when on the hunt for 'stuff' (although often I should!). When I'm working in the yard though, I always have gloves on. **EXCEPT** when it comes to harvest time. Especially when I'm gathering the herbs!! Oh -that fragance!!!
Yes, it would be much cheaper and MUCH less time consuming to buy those little bottles at the Dollar Store (as DH often informs me!!) - but my herbies are completely about the 'Journey', and the 'Destination' is just an added benefit!

CHIVES! DILL! OREGANO! BASIL! ...How I love thee.
(Now, I'm off to go pop in the shower, 'cause I'm sure not everyone appreciates me walking around smelling like a pizza!!)


Shara said...

There is a lady in town that works at the local pizzeria. Sometimes I see her in town and she smells like a big old slice of heaven. So, you might just be surprised how good you smell! ;o)

*Jealous of those fabulous confetti bowls.

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

Smelling like pizza is a BAD thing? Not in my universe! And yes, those bowls are awesome!!

~~Carol~~ said...

I bet you smelled pretty good, drenched in Eau de Pizza! Basil is one of my favorite scents. I've tried crushing it and making a lotion, but it was always a bit chunky!

Michelle said...

Love the picture of your herbs! Do you dry or just use them when fresh?