Sunday, September 6, 2009

...Be Here Now Be Here.

FRIDAY. Lots to get done at work that day, but still time to hit the three sales listed in the papers on my way to work.

First stop was in the middle of town. Advertised as a GARAGE SALE, I was rather bummed when I pulled up to an old house on a corner lot which had been split into apts... NO 'Garage'!! There was a sign by the road, and I saw some people walking down the sidewalk with arms full of 'treasures'. I thought maybe around back was a small lawn... I cautiously made my way to the back - no lawn. no garage. Just an open porch door. I tentatively peaked my head in the door, and found a middle-aged (rather 'frumpy' looking housewife) arranging stuff in the kitchen. She was very welcoming- told me "Come in! Everything inside is for sale!". As I entered, I was hit by the strong aroma of candles - NOT a bad thing - could have been much worse! I was the only customer there, so we chit-chatted. The merchandise in the small kitchen consisted mostly of numerous new crockpots, numerous new blenders/food processors, and Candles! I picked up a set of those 'cheezy' Moon/Sun resin-mirror-wall hangings. When I find them on the cheap, I grab them, take them home to meet with a coating of spray paint, then hang them amidst the trunk of our Mulberry tree on the edge of the herb bed (see 9-2-09 post for a glimpse!).

Then I wandered into the next small room. Books, CD's, bookcases and some 'due for the curb' overstuffed furniture. I browsed through the books. I was intrigued when I came across a book on 'WitchCraft', but soon I realize that about half of the books were of this nature. As I perused further, some cookbooks, some 'Chicken soup for the soul'..., a title on a hardcover grabbed my eye - 'LapDance'. Completely expecting it just to be an 'eye-catching' title, I was a caught off guard when I opened it to find that was REALLY what it was about - complete with Graphic Photos and minimal text! Hmmm.... I don't consider myself a prude by any means, BUT! Would you really put something like that out at your Garage Sale???!

Next room. PACKED floor to ceiling with 1960's - current Playboys! Okay. Enough. I gathered my moon/sun and a small stack of the WitchCraft books and paid the Nice Lady.

**Just as a side-note in explanation of the books... As I have stated before, I am not of any specific belief/religion, though I find that an educated knowledge of them ALL is good 'background information'. I will browse the books, and eventually 'release' them to Ebay (some look to be fairly profitable!!).**

The next two stops were on The Bizarre side too, so I called it a day! When I got to work, I glanced at my calendar and realized it was a FULL MOON - I think that explains a Lot!!


Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

Frumpy lady had a kinky side! I agree, to each his/her own--but don't advertise it to the world via a mis-labeled garage sale.

Shara said...

Every one is awhile I see the man that had the sex swing for sale at his yard sale and I go the opposite direction really fast! Zoom! TMI about strangers! A kinky witch!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Oh God! I would have run out screaming!!! Imagine the man who owned all the playboy/saucy stuff was lurking behind the door!!!h

Lisa & Gerald said...

Oh boy..Some times you find things you don't wanna see..Oh your poor eyes..

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Ha!!! Yes; I had a few full moon incidents this weekend as well. I wound up in someone's house (barn sale) eating jam with their grandma (don't ask).

That said...I would have loved the older 1960s Playboy covers...those great bouffant hair dos and Vargas Girls were kind of the cat's meow. :-)