Sunday, May 24, 2009


I have been a delinquent blogger... funny how warm weather tends to makes us "vacate the virtual world for the real world" - which is a GOOD thing in my opinion!!

So, what have I been up to in 'my' real world?

  • The sale was a HUGE success (though, NO vases of cut flowers sold!!) ... six boxes were shipped off for a local church Rummage sale, leaving two for me to take to a consignment shop. That's it. ALL GONE!!
  • The porch (in all of it's Hawaiian stylin') is ready for the partaking of drinks with little umbrellas!
  • Our salmon Iris have finally blossomed!
  • I have started 're-shelling' the stump in the flower bed (I had this completed a couple of summers ago... but then the bark started peeling off, now it is time to start over - no bark this time!!)
  • 'REBECCA of the garden' has had her yearly 'concrete patching', 'new tubing', 'fresh paint' and is all decked out with fresh plants - WOW! talk about a 'high maintenance' girl!!
  • I'm sure you are all a little concerned by now at my lack of 'stuffing it' (I think DH was even a bit worried about me - 2 weeks - NOTHING!!).... Rest assured, I was out bright and early Saturday morning!! The lure was a 'Street Wide Sale' and a 'Community Sale' . HA! Somebody needs to inform these people, that 'Two sales does not a Street Wide/Community make!'. Luckily, enroute I stumbled upon a Church Youth group having a sale at a private residence, just as they were opening!!

WICKER & GLASS & SILVER... (sombrero, Austrian Airline glass, 2 small Swanky Swigs (??), dark amethyst glass jar with tin deco cover and a carving set...


(ghost blow mold, Rumrill vase, 2 vintage sporting mugs, unmarked Shawnee-like pottery, NH studio pottery dish, glass fish ornament, yellow plant pot)
(TWO!! Starbucks Mugs - been having very good luck with anything Starbucks on E-bay lately!!)
ALL of this 'stuff-goodness' for slightly over $2. - !! (yes, I gave them the $3, and told them to keep the change - generous person that I am...).
Hope everyone is having a great Holiday!!

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