Sunday, May 3, 2009

...the days we thrive on.

Friday morning (MAY DAY!!) I was out early - with a mission! By noon they were predicting rain and storms, so I knew there was precious little time - AND - there was a 'real' Estate Sale and a Rummage sale both starting at 9am... What to do, What to do? This particular RS is always a 'by the clock' opening, so I took my chance the estate sale may open early. When I got there at 8:30, it was open, and lots of goodies were already walking down the sidewalk... My heart raced as I descended to the basement, and from the other end I saw it... A MORRIS CHAIR! !! I have been coveting these for years, but I REALLY DON'T NEED it, and I'm too cheap to pay the couple of hundred that they usually go for at auctions. This one was Great - recliner spindle intact, original cushions, original finish to wood... $5.00! Oh, one problem... SOLD. Bummer! I did have an armful of 'treasures' when I checked out, which eased 'the pain' slightly. When I said that this was a 'real' ES, I meant that the parents/owners' of the house had both died and the kids/nieces/grandkids were holding the sale, and just wanted the stuff GONE - cheap! Look what I came away with for $3.10~
KEEPERS: A couple of 'wicker' cups, two William Sonoma spatulas, one of my beloved confetti bowls, a large Infant of Prague statuary, fake Nantucket basket, the Large scarf in the background, as well as a box of over 50 retro scarves that included FOUR VERA (which I forgot to photograph), and...

FOR ME: Mexico SS pin, glove clip, sweater clip, and...

RELEASE PROGRAM: two spoon rests, 1960's Snoopy bank, Spaghetti trim Xmas bell, McCoy car planter, Xmas S/P. (*The pink SALADA TEApot was my only purchase at the latter Rummage Sale for $1.) Included (and, again Not Photographed) in the ES haul was a .75¢ box of 18 OLD 'wire bail' quart canning jars. A friends' father grows tons of gorgeous flowers, and makes bouquets to sell at a local market weekly. He uses the jars as vases. They have already been delivered, and he was THRILLED with this clean boxful!!
It never did rain Friday afternoon. But it poured that night, and was predicted to extend through Saturday morning. I awoke Sat. morning to bright sunny skies... YIPPEE, 'cause it was the annual Lake Ave Street Sale day!! I have never found much of anything exciting during this sale, but it is kind of a 'Rite of Spring'... This is one of the few Saturday mornings that DH joins me saling. We walk the entire length of it (close to a mile long), chatting and enjoying the blossoming gardens of the 'Nice' homes enroute. It is a long standing joke that I usually find better stuff in the FREE boxes at this sale, than on the tables!! This year was no exception!

Santa apron & santa figure (2/.25¢), ceramic match safe for a friend's collection, New Shower curtain liner - can always use a fresh one of these (.50¢), and from the FREE boxes : sealed Yankee Candle votif, vintage nesting chicken covered dish, vintage handblown green cruet and an ancient white glass tri-lobal dish!! BUT, my favorite buy of the morning for a quarter....

This child sized antique accordion!! Still kinda works! How Fun is That??!? Not to mention that my Mom played the accordion (which she still has!) and will enjoy this!
The saling was topped off by breakfast at a corner diner, them home by 11:30am!
The temp was in the 60's, Sunny, clear skies, no wind... the gardens were a calling... The afternoon was spent turning the veggie garden, repainting birdbaths and weeding. It was WONDERFUL!! After a l-o-n-g winter, I so look forward to these mundane tasks! How do you warm weather gardeners keep motivated??

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Shara said...

That accordian is awesome! And a quarter, are you kidding me?

Your knack for finding Vera is amazing. I have only seen two this year and they were $6.00 EACH.

I love the idea of your release program - too funny!