Sunday, April 5, 2009


The glint of hope for sales yesterday was almost squelched by snow showers and Wind!! 'Almost' is the key word. I did find one garage sale (brrr...), and a rummage sale - so that was Good, but pickings just weren't what I was hoping for.
These three bottles of perfume (.50¢ ea) and a few other little odds-n-ends were the total sum for the morning! I am one of those 'odd' people who doesn't have a 'signature' perfume. What I wear depends on the mood and the occassion. I love testing different scents. This is where partial Garage Sale bottles of perfume are perfect!! Don't get me wrong, they must pass the ((sniff)) test first!! Then, I can wear them once or twice, if I don't like them or get tired of them, they become part of the 'catch and release' program (ie: back into the garage sale market!!). Quite often they are $pricey$ bottles that are brand new (gift from a now 'ex'??)!

Today proved to be sunny and about 20° warmer, so I headed out to the herb bed...

The herb bed originally started as a couple of plants around a tree stump. Over the past 15+ years it has gradually grown, and grown. A couple of years ago I got the bright idea that it needed a 'proper' border. DH was really campaigning for a nice, neat formed concrete block border, but I had other ideas! WINE BOTTLES!! I did compromise though, and put a recessed flush row of bricks around the perimeter to make mowing easier. We live in an older, 'traditional' neighborhood - and my 80++yr old neighbors were rather confused by the whole concept... BUT, I like it... so that's all that matters!! The first summer all of the bottles had their original fun labels, but during the first winter those vanished and now when the sun hits them just right, they glow. The downfall is that EVERY Winter the freezing ground dislodges them and they are all askew in the Spring... So today I spent a couple of hours straightening and 'replanting' them in the ground with my handi rubber mallet! Now, I just need to finish getting the rest of those leaves out of there!! The shallots and the chives are shooting up!!


Shara said...

Love the wine bottle border. I bet it is pretty when the sun hits it. I have been wanting to make a bottle tree in my backyard. I don't drink, so I need to hit Freecycle for some colorful bottles. Or start drinking.....;o)

Tricia said...

I LOVE the wine bottle border! I have a slight obsession with wine bottles as proved by my
Christmas tree.