Thursday, January 8, 2009


Some 'stuff' to post about - 'new-to-me' stuff that is!

Sunday morning I was seriously needing a stuff fix, so off to Market we went...
YEP! T.W.O pieces of Haeger (one Royal-50¢, the other newer-$1.), a hatpin for my collection-$1., and a SWEATER CLIP-$1.!

Today I was out running some errands. Since we are in the middle of a snowstorm, the stores were pretty much deserted, so what better time to hit a couple of thrifts?!

In doing so, I completed my first 'trifecta' of 2009...
VERA scarf (and in my signature 'V' pattern) - $1., gotta love it! You may be thinking this looks like the VERA that I have in the Valentine vignette from one of my last posts - it isn't! This one is a chocolate brown square, the previous is a navy blue rectangle!! The kitty?... Miller Studio'57 - .39¢, to add to the ranks of the others bordering the walls in our guest bath!

Also this morning I started my Xmas shopping for 2009 - Three stocking stuffers...

For Mom's stocking: one of her beloved word searches (.10¢). For Dad's, an addition to his soldering iron collection ($1.). The 'Three Kittens' book is for one of the cookie baking Crew who loves everything Cat (.39¢).

I feel Much better now 8-)!

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Shara said...

Trifecta - yeah!

I went thrifitng today - spent $2.00 and got a cool tablecloth, a glass laying egg (for making eggs lay eggs) and a teeny Donvier Ice Cream maker. I am learning to bring home less and love what I do - you too?????