Saturday, January 17, 2009

...five star day!

5° F !
Can a day that starts out with only 5°, possibly be a 5 STAR day??
It can if each one of those 'degrees' equals a VERA find!! That was exactly what my Friday yielded!!
As with most of my finds/collections, I need the 'background info' - the 'soul', so to speak. I find a much greater appreciation through the knowledge of the designers' thought process, or the writers' personal life. (**Yes, 'knowledge' can be a dangerous thing.)
If you have been checking in on this blog for a while you already know this, but for any 'newbies' I am going to reiterate...
VERA's designs "were inspired by nature, by her travels abroad, and by Asian culture and motifs. She traveled to Ireland and incorporated shamrocks and cobblestones into her work. She traveled to China and utilized Chinese calligraphy in her designs... Vera traveled the globe, sketchbook in hand, while her husband, George, toted his camera. " (VERA TEXTILES by Jeanette Michalets & Katherine Michalets).
The best part of my Friday VERA Scarf finds, is that they each reflect a different essence of her design spectrum... ~I think...~ Take a look for yourself:
21" square Veresa (100% polyester). Flowers or Snowflakes? - definitely drawn from nature!
10"x44" crepe in subdued/muted hues of a rusty orange & cinnamon. First impression is a pattern she may have encountered on Safari? ...or maybe it's reference to a vegetable garden? ...or maybe one of those wooden bead curtains of the 70's??

22" square polyester? nylon? - signature style - BOLD, VIBRANT GEOMETRIC - 'So VERA'!!

20" square sheere crepe

24" square, 100% Nylon floral.

If these VERA 'five star' finds weren't enough to put me on overload...
When I arrived home, DH greeted me at the door with "You got something in the mail". Usually when he says that, it is in reference to a granola bar, shampoo packet or some other 'freebie'... BUT NO - not on my '5 STAR'! It was a packet of my beloved Holiday socks - 3 pairs of VALENTINES, to be exact! Delivered early, so I would have time to enjoy!! Sweetly wrapped by my blog GURU in stripey tissue -THANKS SHARA!! Add these to a WILTON silicone heart pan I found during my thrift rounds, and I think that I'm ready for V-Day... BRING IT ON!

**DISCLAIMER:Yes, yes, I know - I'm a poster child for Glamour's 25 Biggest Don'ts list (Do not put anything with Holiday graphics on your body). Do I care? NOT!


Shara said...

Golly those socks got there FAST! I thought the Ooo La la ones were so inappropriate! I found them in the little kid sock section - so I guess that is why I thought they were "wrong"!

I'm forever digging in the scarf bins looking for Vera. I don't usually look at the florals - I thought she mostly did geometrics. I will now look at every scarf - just in case!

*Thanks for the kitty love!*

Yard Sale Princess said...

What a fun way to warm up from 5 degrees! Those scarves are awesome! You have a great friend in Shara!

heidi said...

I LOVE the scarves!!! My Mom still has her Veras!