Monday, January 12, 2009


Do you ever find yourself trying to rationalize 'the fix' you get from 'stuffing' (sorry, but I do hate that four letter 'j' word!!)? Why you are so drawn to reading blogs - in particular, blogs on 'stuff'?? I do.

Recently it came to me. For me it is the love of the research! The story/history behind each piece. Learning about something that I was previously unaware! This comes from foraging through others discards, as well as being exposed to 'odd' tidbits from fellow stuffers. Maybe this is why I also enjoy selling 'stuff' in on-line auctions... To write a worthy description requires research and at least a tiny bit of knowledge. I am forced to learn about things that I thought I had no interest in ... Danish Sterling Silver Flatware?! ...19th century British Poets?! ...military uniforms?! . There is SO MUCH out there!

How anyone can claim to be an expert on 'antiques' baffles me. Or even make that claim as an expert on a slightly narrowed topic such as 'glass'? There is just SO MUCH to know - how can any one person know all the patterns & colors of depression glass, all the makers of elegant glass, all of the manufacture styles of bottles/flasks, etc., etc...??? ((oops, sorry - that is a rant for another day/time!!))

Somehow, certain items really suck me in. I stumble on a piece (or an article about it) do a little research, then I want to find more examples, learn more, more...

A few months ago I came home with this little beauty...DH just glanced at my latest acquisition with his usual mixed look of confusion-disbelief-bewilderment. He doesn't 'get' my intrigue with these little iconic gems. Truthfully, I'm not sure that I 'get' it. The lore behind them is interesting to research . BUT none of them are statements as to what I believe (or DON'T BELIEVE!). Maybe they are just good 'Background Information'. To be stored away for future reference...

As I look around our house, quite a few have taken my fancy over the years...

Many are housed on various shelves in my 'attic studio'...
I first learned of THE INFANT OF PRAGUE through reading Mary Randolph Carter's JUNK JOURNAL . No, she hasn't updated it much of late, but her previous posts are what started me on this crazy ride called 'Blogland'!

A trip to Arizona exposed me to KOKOPELLI - and NO, I definitely am not in need of a Fertility God!!

What would a visit to N'Orleans be without a VOODOO doll or two??

Of course, some mythical Hawaiian TIKIS!

A couple of summers ago, a yardsale yielded me a large boxful of TAROT books. I sold most of them for good $$, but after doing some surface 'homework', I kept a few of the more desirables to do more detailed research!!

(No Photos to show... I got nothing.)
Just discovered Dia De Los Muertos, thanks to a December post in THE THRIFTY CHICKS.

OH, but there is this photo... anyone out there have a jumping off point for me on either of these??? I'm thinking the one on the right may be a 'Maltese Cross', but as for the 'Egyptian looking Keyhole' on the left, I'm open for ideas!!

And there you have your useless trivia tidbits for the day!

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Shara said...

I use the "j" word a lot. I dig in junk, I look at junk, I go on junk hunts. But, I don't bring home Junk. I bring home good stuff!

You have interesting little vingettes all over your house. I would love to come prowl and look at everything. I just love looking at stuff. Learning about things, their history, where it was made, how it was made, etc. It's just so interesting. And, yes I have a lot of useless to other people info in my head, but I like knowing what I know - just like YOU!

PS - I share the same thoughts as you on the glassware "expert."