Thursday, October 16, 2008

...mystery solved.

Do you remember my 'garbage picked curbside treasure bag' of wood bowls made by THE ADIRONDACK BOWL CO., AUBURN, NY???

Through my quest for more background info on the company, I came across this blog entry in FABOOLOSITY! You have got to check out her photos - GORGEOUS!!! I wasn't able to gain any further information, but it did spur on my quest!!

This morning I just rec'd a reply from an e-mail I had sent to a historian...

"Adirondack Bowl company started in Old Forge in the mid 1950’s. They manufactured bowls made from cut sections of logs from that area. These natural round sections were turned on lathes to make bowls. I have seen bowls as small as 8" and as large as 18" in diameter.
In 1959 they came to Auburn and operated at 1-7 Columbus Street. By 1962 they were no longer in Auburn.
During their brief stay in Auburn there were occasional reports in local papers of visits from the Auburn Fireman to put out small fires in their sawdust piles.
They had no affiliation with the Auburn Button Works."

So, there you have your useless tidbit of trivia for the week!!


heidi said...

Ypu're a damn good photographer yourself, lady!

Shara said...

I was about to send out the rescue squad to look for you......

Great info on your bowls. I was at a sale today that had tables full of wooden bowls. I looked at every single bowl looking for Auburn on the bottom. Just a bunch of walnut bowls and monkeypod, though. I tried!!!!

T.F. Torrey said...

Intriguing info! I love little bits of history like this. Think of the stories!