Saturday, October 18, 2008

...the GOOD kind of 'busy'!

I haven't been posting much lately - been BUSY...BUSY...BUSY - busy enjoying 'my' season, that is!! Even the 'quest for stuff' has taken a backseat to enjoying my every love of the season!!

...Sunny morning of BIRDWATCHING. The Turkey Vultures (I think?!) drying their wings in the sun on an old roof top...

...A walk on the beach.
...picking up sea glass, shells, and......gathering chestnuts! Luckily before attempting to roast, I did research and learned that this species is toxic - soooooo.... they are destined for autumn decorating!! Checking out the 'wildlife' on back road drives...

...Gathering a few last bouquets of flowers.
... 'Spicing' up the house for the Holiday. I'm generally not of the 'crafty gene', but when I saw THESE - I had to give them a try!! Hung from red Dogwood branches and added to one of my favorite mandarin HAEGER vases and garnished with a vintage paper mache' CROW decoy (dug out of a back rafter in the basement of an Estate sale for .50¢!!) - I think it's a keeper!...Annual 'Pumpkin carving' with friends of the best kind. ...appreciating our first 'real frost' (this morning!)....Okay, and there have been a few pieces of HAEGER picked up along the way on this journey!

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Shara said...

I think you, me and The Bean live the same life - enjoy what you have, when you have it. We would go nuts to be able to find seaglass. We look for things on the ground everywhere we go.

Love the Halloween tree!