Monday, January 28, 2008

"...two out of three ain't bad"

Syracuse is about 25 miles/45 min. from our house. The Syracuse Regional Market transforms itself into a Flea Market on Sundays! Any trip to Syracuse on a Sunday is subject to a stop by 'The Market' on the way... yesterday we had tickets to a SU Basketball home game, or in other words 'We're going to market!! We're going to market!!'

Nothing too exciting to report. I think all of Central NY is in need of a good sunshine/stuff fix!! I DID find a VERA ($1) and an 'almost' Sweater clip (.50c) - 2/3rds of my favorite 'trifecta'! The 'sweater clip'.... well, I just don't know. It meets all of the qualifications of a SwtrCl, but it has an extra 'clip pendant' on the chain... maybe it is a variety of glove clip?? Would Greatly appreciate any ideas! I found a tarnished little silver filigree basket, a couple of 'stuff' boxes and a blue 'sugared' light bulb on a 5/$1.00 table. AND the lime green Kiddle - isn't she cute?!

I have about half a dozen of these 'sugar bulbs' now - I put them in a crystal bowl when decorating for the Holidays - don't ask why, but I just like them! The Color Karma was kept alive by the purple/pink VERA and the blue Bulb... and I don't even like blue!


Shara said...

I've heard of Kiddles, but I guess I don't really know what they are. I guess I need to check them out on ebay. I am forever digging in the toy bins looking for MLP and other obnoxious plstic things. ;o)

The sweter clip reminds me of a vintage-y lanyard. Clip your name badge on the bottom clip. You know me, thinking outsdie the box as usual.

Yea, I went public on my giveaway. It's a cheap way to get more exposure for your blog. So, why not!

oliveoyl64 said...

Hey Svelte, welcome to the blog world. I don't post real often, but intend to do better.