Friday, January 11, 2019

...NO Broken Hangers!

Does anybody else have the affliction from which I suffer, and I refer to as WCL (Wall Chalkware LOVE)??
I have done my best to contain this collection, and although it is not an 'active pursuit', I still seem to cross paths with them on a regular basis!

In my attempt to deter this 'guilty' little pleasure, I have tried to maintain strict 'rules'...
  1. FISH / NAUTICAL related!
  2. $1-2 PRICE POINT
I have been known to break Rule#1 on occasion ~ if it's cute enough!
Besides, they are a FUN(!) border in our first floor half-bath - and a great center of conversation with newbies in our home (LOL). 
Use your imagination and picture the 'quizzical~shocked' look on faces as they exit our bathroom for the first time... usually after a couple of Adult Beverages!

I try to abide pretty tightly to Rule#2, and that has become a major limitation in today's market!
  Have you seen the SOLD prices on Ebay lately?! 
How dare these quirky & tacky pieces of 'junk' come back into Vogue!! Maybe we should 'hop on the train' while the market is HOT?? (.not.)

Rule#3 was ALWAYS a 'deal breaker' for me...
Until recently! 
 While putting away the Holiday Decorations, I came across a forlorned Fishy that USED to live on our wall with her 'mate' - until the dreaded day her wire hanger Broke! 
For about 9months I have deliberated her fate - what to do?  After her recent re-discovery, I decided a verdict had to be rendered!  J did a little web-surfing and came across a 'life-changing' article on INHERITED VALUES:
DISCLAIMER:  I am trying this for the FIRST time, and cannot guarantee the longevity of the fix - but right about now, ANYTHING is worth a try!!

and so this 'affliction' persists...
What would any good collection of 
be without some Acrylic-resin pieces??


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Shara Stacks said...

I’ve always loved this collection of yours! Adorable. Glad you’re back. I need to do that myself.

Robin K. said...

I always make it a point to use your bathroom when I visit just so I can see this collection!