Thursday, September 24, 2015

...Guilty Pleasures

...of the 'percale' type!!
A few weeks ago I came across NEW!  in UNOPENED PACKAGE! VINTAGE! VERA! sheets by Burlington!!!!!
   WELL they have been sitting by our dresser "Daring" me...  I HAD TO!!
   I have Always been a believer that if you LOVE something enough to have it in your possession, don't store it away in a dark corner - USE IT!!!  (After all, who are you keeping it Pristine for - his next wife?? ~ ha, ha!!).  People stress when I get out my Grandmother's crystal punch bowl for Happy Hr at our house, but it has created so MANY MORE great memories- I'm sure it would Please Grandma & Grandpa to know they are still a part of our life!!! 
  *and not a cup has been broken!!
Anyways, back to VERA...
   I finally broke down, Neatly snipped open the packaging and pulled out those Vibrant, Crisp sheet!!! (Sheer pleasure)!  Then into the washer, dryer, then onto the guest room bed!!!  OH MY!!!  THEY ARE SUPERB!!!
   I only wish they fit our Master Bed ((sigh!)).  Want to come visit?  They are waiting for their inaugural SLEEP!!


Shara said...

They are lovely! Vintage sheets (new vintage sheets) have the best cool feeling to them. I need to find a new package as the ones I am using are starting to rip. BOOHOO.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I had some with bed red poppies I wish I still had! Oh wow they are gorgeous!