Sunday, June 21, 2015

...MORE "B's"!!!

This was our view from the back porch when we got up this morning!
  Yes.  The mulBerries are in full swing! -and the deer seem to approve.  We've been gathering them daily for about a week now... Freezer is stocked, and MANY batches of mulBerry-rhubarb muffins have been consumed.  Now, the rest are fair game for the Birds, squirrels and DEER~ as I'm skipping the country to 'Kah-Nay-Dia' for a 'girls week'!!  If anybody knows of any 'must sees' between Toronto and Baysville / Lake of Bays- let me know :-) !
  Let 'Summer' begin!....


Rob and Monica said...

I love that the deer visit your backyard! Have a fun vacation! (Rob)

Shara said...

What a fun trip! We say Kay Nay Dia too. Weird, right??? have fun!