Thursday, June 18, 2015


So...  What do YOU do after 'the excitement' is DONE.??  Our garage sale was a Big success!  Now the company is gone, house and garden are clean, laundry is done...

Well, I chose BUBBLES!  I've been loving these wire/bead Wands that I see occasionally in Funky Shoppes - so I decided to try one!  These are My first Studio attempts.  WARNING: they are addictive!

(And testing them for 'quality control is half the FUN!!!)


Shara said...

Those were on my to-do wishlist for The Junk Ranch. But, I ran out of time. They do look like fun to make and fun to use! Glad things have calmed down a bit for you to have some playtime.

Rob and Monica said...

Ha Ha! Bubbles were a good choice! I'm glad that your garage sale went well! (Rob)