Monday, May 11, 2015 fire at a time

Do you ever feel like you are sooooo far behind.... On EVERYTHING???
We skipped 'the saling' this weekend, in favor of SPRING GARDENING!  

The Berry Beds were LONG OVERDUE!!

...One fire out.

Then there were those bookcases that I mentioned in a previous post ~ 

One down, One to go...

Painted, positioned and stocked!!
...another fire under control.

It hasn't been ALL PRODUCTIVITY for me though!
An old friend recently called, he had cleaned out his storage unit and come across 'some jewelry', his Mom used to 'sell' at a NYC flea market back in the Late 70's- early80's.  He knew I liked to craft with 'junk' - did I want any of it??
Silly Question.

There was well Over 250+ pieces!!

Most of it by 'Jeffrey Lawrence' for Lawrence-Bentley.
I've been trying to research a bit - not much luck...

It is sort of what I imagine Pier1 in India would stock!!

THAT'S IT for TODAY - hope to be back soon with something more interesting to show you!!

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Robin K. said...

You've been busy, my friend!! I feel like I'm so behind both in and outside the house:( I hope we can connect soon!