Friday, May 29, 2015

..."I don't know CANADA!"


'REBECCA' is up-n-running, so that MUST mean it's SUMMERTIME in The FingerLakes!

Ventured out yesterday to a favorite Annual BARN SALE - benefit of a local Animal Shelter, and came home with our vehicle LOADED!!

These two 'little' boxes HAD to come home with me!
Before I divulge what I 'stashed' in each... 
Which would you choose? 
BOX 'A' (blanket chest type box w/ hinged cover & sliding drawer inside)
BOX 'B' (Old Canada Dry wood crate)

Well, let's see what's inside BOX 'A'!

For the sweet sum of about $12 we got all of this goodness! Box, buoy, 5 souvenir trays, carved wd Argentina doll, MCM martini glass, cloth doll, USA wood puzzle, vintage wood Bobblehead, Pineapple Bank, Dragon, 4 vanity boxes, and several song books!

Did YOU choose BOX 'B'??
Well, good things come in small packages too!!
This crate added up to about $13. for: Crate, sm London candy tin, Brothers sewing machine tin full of buttons, 2 tea tins, Seahorse pottery vase, CANADA puzzle, 2 magnifying glasses, 2 NIP beads/findings, tin of 35+ hankies and a package of quality Darts!

While perusing the Barn, I spotted these two lamps for sale.  NO they did NOT come home with me, but look at the bases - WOOD BLOCK PULLEYS!  Confirms the identity of one of the items that we purchased about a month ago !!

After the Subaru was packed to it's limits, - did I forget to mention we also purchased this little gem?...

For a couple of years, J & I have been considering buying a 'composter'- to do away with the 'un-sightly' pile in the back corner of our property.  This COMPOSTUMBLER was just.the.CHEAP.ticket!!
(Sorry folks, the blowmold Snowman was already SOLD!)

Okay, so with the Subaru stuffed, I ventured on...
We like to 'buy-local' when possible (and avoid those 'Big Boxes'), but so far this season a few plants I was searching for had alluded me. 
 I would not give up!
I followed a long series of backroad signs to an Amish Greenhouse.  When I pulled up the driveway, I was greeted by a mini-pony w/ her baby (look towards her tail to see the white baby).  My cell-phone picture didn't quite catch the 'Buggy' parked off to the left.  Sights like this make 'The Journey' !!

LATER~ J & I worked on piecing the USA 'state' puzzle together... nice MCM puzzle - except "OHIO has gone MISSING"! (nothing personal!!)
Then when I pulled out the CANADA puzzle, J decided he had done enough puzzles for one day and declared (while exiting the room)...

"I don't know Canada!!"

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Shara said...

Lots of good finds!!!! I am up to my ears in stuff, yet I am fighting the urge to go to a barn Sale up the street. Resistance is futile.

When TB was little he learned that Americans lived in America, so of course, Canadians lived in Kuh NAY Dee Uh. So, we still call it Kuhnaydeeuh. I wouldn't have been able to do the puzzle either. You probably know that those state puzzle pieces will sell on IG. People collect their state.