Thursday, February 19, 2015

...the learning curve of OLD DOGS.

I F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. broke out of our house on Tuesday, and hit some Thrifts!  The Bright thing was out in the sky (I think they call it 'The Sun'?)!  The thermometer had TWO numbers on it - it was a Glorious day!!
Didn't purchase much, but Oh how GOOD it felt to be back...
The Thrifts were kinda sparse - I think that they are trying to clear out some Winter things, in preparation for New Spring things.  I hate to tell them, but they have PLENTY of time until SPRING!!

One Thrift was doing a special Clothing Bag Sale - $3.00 .
While I was checking out the Clothing, to see if I should even bother getting a bag, I noticed these velvet(?) covered- thin hangers.  I have LONG been 'anti-DryCleanerMetal hangers', and have gradually phased them out of our closets and replaced with cool vintage advertising WOODEN hangers.  A friend gave me a package of the 'velvet' hangers for Christmas.  NOT Liking them at first, I gave in and gave them a try.  They are kinda growing on me.  In our ongoing 'Battle of The Closet', I am starting to incorporate these 'velvet' hangers (replacing cheap plastic hangers).  They are 'anti-slip' and take up Way-Less space!! 
(...maybe you CAN teach old Dogs NEW tricks?!)

While soaking in all the therapy of Thrifting...  a rack of Men's neckties caught my attention.  J & I have been brainstorming of ways to make On-line sales more profitable (since I'm still unemployed, something needs to 'Step-up'!!)...  Better pricing? Different pictures?  Niche' market?  Throw in the towel?
Hey, why not try some retro/vintage 'novelty neckties' ?
You GOTTA Love a subtle Disney POOH!

...or maybe there is a Dog Lover
in search of ?Pomeranians?
(Not sure of Breed, so if anybody
can offer any help...)

...and "HEY!  Let's go BOWLING!"

I did find a few smalls...  metal cookie cutters and a FUN LeSportsac...

and this MADE in JAPAN, Large scrapbook ~ New-Never-been-used condition with a lacquered/inlaid cover.

I've never seen any thing quite like it.  I like the inlaid ?abalone? on the roof!

This 'Old Dog' is probably 'Late coming to the Party', but I am intrigued by this accidental discovery... 
Did YOU know, that two identical shaped vintage metal cookie cutters (of different styles), will FIT-TOGETHER perfectly?  Kind of like a 'box' with a 'lid'...  hmmmm, there must be something USEFUL that can come of this!!  Any ideas??


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Fun finds on the ties! I love the album from Japan, my parents had one my Dad got when he was stationed there back in the 50's.

Sarah said...

I was checking my stats yesterday and I have sold about 30% of what I sold last Feb this year. You would think the incredibly crappy winter in the northeast would have people shopping on line, but apparently not so much!

Shara said...

Sales are down everywhere - ebay, the booths, everywhere. And just at the time of year when we need to make some CASH! I've sold ties on ebay- it is hit and miss, but what isn't?

I would think if you put the old cookie cutter on top of the outline one only, then flipped them over, you would have sort of a deep shadowbox to fill with vintage scenes. Maybe?

Rob and Monica said...

You found some great things. I love the funny ties! Glad you finally got out into the "heat wave". It has been brutal here too! (Rob)

Margaret @ Live Like No One Else said...

I sell quite a bit of ties, but have learned to stay away from disney ties. There are just too many out there and you don't make much of a profit. I sell mostly vintage novelty ties. Really unique and fun ties. Those do well. For silk ties, I have them all priced from $32-$36. The polyester ones usually around $26-$28 with best offer. I then have an auto accept at $15..but a lot of the time they sell at full price. Super cheap to find, easy to photograph and list. Love ties.