Wednesday, February 11, 2015


What kind of 'CHARMer' are you?

~Old School (Sterling? / Gold?)?

I am curious to know your preference in this year of 2015! 
(Leave me a comment / Post a picture on your next Blog Post!!)

 I don't think that there is anything in a Man's life, more personal & Full of HIS soul than his WALLET,
For a Woman, I think it is her CHARM BRACELET.

Being the 'Collector' that I am, I'm sure that it comes as NO Surprise that I am avid at adding to my Bracelet!  Yes, I still enjoy my 'OLD SCHOOL' original.  Though I often admire, and contribute to my Niece's 'newer/on-fad forms', I have not succumbed!  My original Bracelet was given to me by my Paternal Grandmother in the Late 70's, with just a couple of 'Personal' Charms... Forever Initial; Birthstone & Month; and a Volleyball!

Since then I have turned it into a 'Travel' bracelet.  I try to pick up a charm from each new State / Country I visit.
One of my FAVORITE charms - photo w/ teapot found along
edge of Street (ie: 'in the gutter) in Ireland.

These charms are NOT the staple of Tacky-Souvenir shops as they used to be!  They must be 'hunted' for!!  
Occassionally I will find an old forgotten bracelet or a single charm out in 'The Wild' while saling - and I grab them (IF the $$ is right!!).  Sometimes they are charms that I wasn't able to find while on location, others are charms of places on my 'Bucket List'...

...and then there are some that just make you go hmmmm....
(ie: Pan w/ Fried Egg?!?)

(view from our window as I type...)
See that mass in the Very Middle of the picture?
That is a picnic table...
with about 3'+ of fallen snow sitting on top of it!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the original charm bracelets! I got my first bracelet and a charm of a cat when I was in third grade, and I've collected ever since. Thanks for this wonderful post!

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

Old school Sterling is my jam! I haven't worn it in years--actually, I had to start a second because the first was too full. I started one for my daughter too (because mine was started by my mom) but I will guiltily admit that I haven't bought a charm for it in years. Although, I haven't been anywhere in years either, so I guess I have an excuse!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I have an old school charm bracelet but haven't added to it in years. The charms have gotten really hard to find. I don't have pandora or any of those bracelets, but I do like them. Your bracelet is pretty awesome.


Shara said...

I have a knock off Pandora - it's a Storyline, I think. My Mom got it for me. I love old charm bracelets, but I have never had one. I did have one of those necklaces int he 80's where you added charms. Do you remember those? KInd of like this one, but mine was chock full of charms.

How is everyone doing?????

Anonymous said...

Sadly I have to say I don't have my old school charm braclet anymore (in heavy silver like yours), that I started when I was 13, which I got that yr for my b'day (44 yrs ago). My parents added to it for b'days, Xmas, etc and then when I married 1st hubby in 1977, he added to it through the years. I stopped actually wearing it somewhere along the late 1980s/early 90s. Unfortunatly, when I hit some hard times 2009/2010, I took all my silver, and coins (not all of them worth anything), some inherited 1920s-1940s rhinestones, etc and went to one of those sales where they buy up all your metal, etc. And I sold that bracelet. I ended up with $145.00 that day (when I was desperatly broke and needed to buy food and gasoline) and I appreciated that money. It got me thru a hard month and I wouldn't have made it without that money. But I can tell you... I so miss that bracelet!

svelteSTUFF said...
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svelteSTUFF said...

GADawn57- time to start anew!!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I still have my 1970's old school charm bracelet someplace? I 'm going to get it out and wear it this weekend thanks to you.
I found a California charm in a box of stuff I was going through and now I don't know where I laid it ? darn it I hope it didn't go through the washer.
I have seen our charm bracelets for hundreds of dollars at vintage shops and booths

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

I always wanted a charm bracelet, but was never willing to spend the money on one. Last year hubby and kids bought me one from a local beading store. They worked with the owner to custom design the chain and added a series of charms with their birthstones.