Tuesday, June 10, 2014

...somethings are better left 'UN-PINNED'!!

Come on, fess up - I know that I'm not the only guilty one.  Spending Way-Too-Many hours, drooling over Pinterest!  Sure, I 'claim' that it is research.  Keeping on the pulse of the latest trends, what will sell, etc... ((HA!))

Sweet little Mushrooms/Toadstools as first seen on Monkeybox

MANY of them I have 'actually' gotten a "round tuit" and TRIED -
Some with FANTASTIC results!
Some were miserable FAILURES!!
others, just 'eh, not MY style, but I got TOO Far in not to finish'...

First time using a recently inherited iron skillet to make another pin - CLAFOUTI!!

Well, one was a keeper, and one was a 'What was I thinking?!'
Have you figured it out yet???

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. The Berry Clafouti,
Shroomies with Polka dots - as adorable as they may be,
Have NO PLACE in MY GARDEN and they GOTTA GO!!!
Better luck next time PINTEREST!


Rob and Monica said...

My time on Pinterest is minimal but Monica has been obsessed since the beginning. This post was funny. I get it. (Rob)

Robin K. said...

There could be worse time sucks than Pinterest.....The clafoutis looks delish and you know how I feel about spray paint and polka dots:)