Sunday, June 22, 2014


Stopped by one Garage Sale and one Estate Sale on Friday in honor of  'The Last Day of Spring'  (something wrong about saying "in honor of 'Summers Eve' " ?!!)
Had been wanting a lightweight, authentic Mexican blanket to use as a table cover on our Summer Porch - found TWO in beautiful condition!! ($2 ea)
Also found three Great OLD sets of metal stamping alphabets and numbers in sizes I don't currently have - The letters are HUGE!! ($10 for all) 
At the Estate Sale I just picked up a few 'useful bits' - a new in box mini blind (to replace an existing one in the house that has seen better days - not shown 'cause it's already installed!!), a couple of soldering irons (still looking for 'Mr. Right'), and 
a 'Brazilian Hammer'?!  Did you

Know that there was such a thing? 
'Famastil'.  Anybody ever heard of

Very nice tool - the balance, the 
texture of the handle...
Fri. night we had mentioned to a friend that we had used just about all of the Scapes from our garden already.  Upon returning home from saling on Saturday, we received a LARGE bag of freshly picked Scapes - OH.WHAT.A.TREAT!!
...We have been grilling them
...and I made a big batch of Scape Pesto

...and this morning I tried two different variations of pickling them!

Did you grow up with a dinner called 'PIGS IN BLANKET'?
How was it prepared?
In our house, it was one of MY Fav's! A hot dog filled with cheese, with a crescent roll wrapped around it and baked - YUMMY! Now that is Comfort food!  I'll never forget my disappointment the first time a friend said that they were having P.I.B. for dinner and I got served some kind of Polish cabbage dish (which, as I have aged I have kinda learned to appreciate!)

I recently came upon this 1898 Methodist Church cookbook from a Coastal New England - kinda puts a whole new twist on Pigs in Blankets!!  I guess it just doesn't get much better than Oysters wrapped in Pork Fat on toast!?! 


Shara said...

Pigs in a blanket are a favorite in our house - a turkey hot dog with a Kraft single wrapped around it, in a biscuit. I prefer it in a crescent roll, but the cheese oozes out. Mmmmmm. They sound good! I can't believe you find just the perfect things you need at sales!

Kelly Jackson said...

LOVE the blankets, Sue , I have been hoping to find one of those while thrifting. I had a gorg one years ago and got rid of it - why?

Don't think we did Pigs in Blankets while growing up,,though I do fondly remember the Pillsbury crescent rolls that you just popped I to the oven .... Xo

Robin K. said...

Yep- I know all about the polish variety of pigs in a blanket:).