Tuesday, April 15, 2014


The deep freeze caused HAVOC on the poor Herb Bed Wine Bottle border...
HAPPINESS! OH HAPPINESS!  Saturday was in the 60's and SUNNY.  Sunday was in the High 70's and SUNNY!
As much as I crave the first sales of the Season - after this LONG WINTER I have a N.E.E.D. to be in the SUN with my hands in the dirt even more!! 
The 'beds' still need some T.L.C., but the Borders are standing
Tall and Proud B-)

 Several gardens were cleaned of their Winter debris, and the HERB Garden wine bottle border was straightened, and pounded back in securely.
OH yes, this was a Good workout on those 'Bingo-Wings'!!

Okay... so maybe, Saturday afternoon,  we did make ourselves 'public presentable' long enough to briefly stop by this Estate Sale before it closed - just long enough to swoop in and pick up this immaculate blue Train Case with insert (are we starting to notice a sickness developing here??) and unscrew this Waxed Paper/Paper Towel/Alum Foil dispenser from the wall (coming soon to ETSY) !!

As daylight hours are getting longer, STUDIO TIME is getting shorting (YEH!!!), but there are still a couple of projects I have rambling around in the back of my head...
Like plans for this necklace that I picked up a couple of weeks ago at the Rummage sale...

and working on my soldering, which still needs LOTS of PRACTICE!!

Maybe learn how to combine the two?
I always have GREAT VISIONS that I dream up as I lie awake about 3:30am...

Now, I just have to learn how to get these ideas to fruition in a presentable form!!

Or else, just not let the rest of the world look to close B-) !!



Rob and Monica said...

So you got some gardening done AND some saling! Well done! We did the same, only we did our saling on Saturday and some gardening on Sunday. Our garden is rather small. Now our beds are clean and we will start planting next week if the weather behaves! (Rob)

Shara said...

Digging in the dirt and digging in some junk - a great weekend for you! I love you wine bottle border. Do you have a bottle tree? We are going to work in the yard tomorrow and get some messes cleaned up. It's a wreck!

Robin K. said...

A little dirt and a lot of sun are always good for the soul:). I swear my mom had a train case like that!!