Monday, April 22, 2013

...first signs of Spring ~ FINALLY!

This is what I have been waiting for, and dreaming of...
a 60deg + day!,
a 'REAL' garage sale!
(okay, so it was a privately run ESTATE SALE, but we won't split hairs)
Arrived rather late, because it was a couple of towns over, so we combined it with a couple of other errands.  All the better because they were still unearthing things and there wasn't any competition!!  Grabbed a LARGE box FULL of wood thread spools (170+) for a song (and had a bid on ebay within 2hrs of listing ~ YIPPEE!). 
Went to the basement to poke around - none of the owners had even been down there - and found a few spools of solder (to hopefully inspire me!!).

 In the kitchen I dug out a set of MY vintage 'go to' measuring spoons, which I ALWAYS pick up whenever I see them cheap (to upgrade my current 'dishwasher battered' sets).  However, I made the mistake of checking to see what they are currently selling for...  I guess I'll just keep using my tarnished ones for a bit if I can get THOSE $$ !

A lovingly hand-beaded pincushion that they practically paid me to take when they saw me appreciating the beadwork!
 I was !THRILLED! with this bag of Fake foodies. I am always finding the veggies and fruit, but this one had CHEESE and a croissant! *I have been looking for sites to buy fake cakes / pastries from to display on my 'PEDESTALS', but haven't found anything to my liking in my price range.  So the search has continued...  I thought the cheese/croissant would be good fill-ins for a bit.  J informed me 'They are The.Most.Disgusting.Things.EVER.'  ...I guess the search continues. 

My FAVORITE purchase...  this itty-bitty (she's about the size of your thumb), forlorn, MERMAID! Complete with broken&repaired tail fin & chipped nose - she just stole my heart! 
 Why I have such a passion for vintage Mermaids lately? I.DON'T KNOW. 
Thank Goodness they are hard to find!
The lady holding the sale picked it up... laughed, and gave it to me for FREE - I guess that was nice of her, but rather rude to the mermaid!!

THEN home for a FULL AFTERNOON of Yardwork!  Oh when, but Spring does yardwork ever seem so good?! 8-)


Shara said...

I always pick up those old measuring spoons too. But, I didn't realize they would sell for that much money. I just throw them in my baking drawer. Might need to dig a few sets out and throw them on ebay someday.

Hope STUFF is getting better. You know what I mean.

Rob and Monica said...

Looks like you had a great day...and that mermaid...WOW!!! (Rob)

Amanda said...

Aaaggh! I love fake food!

Grunge Queen said...

I think the mermaid is sweet. :) In the museum here, they have "mermaid skeletons" (yup, I've seen them) apparently dug out of Lac Annecy!
P.s. if you haven't read my response, thanks for your oh so sweet comment in my blog, Sue! Xo