Friday, April 26, 2013

...deeeep breath...

People have started to mow their lawns!
Now, if it would just warm up enough so that I could open some windows and let some of that fresh air indoors and rid the house (and my soul) of these Winter cob-webs!!
 Saling has still been slow, or maybe 'stuff karma' is just off-kilter ~ whatever!  What it all amounts to is that
I have started exploring a new outlet for some of my energies...
Something that has been sitting on my Bucket List for quite awhile...
in particular - 'Sea Glass Wire Wrapping'.
I found a good on-line tutorial, and FINALLY sat down with it the other night.  Very few supplies were needed - all things that I already had in my 'stash', that have been picked up from sales.  It took a few starts, but after a short time (the very first evening!) I had this:
I am hooked!!  I need lots of practice, but it is so much fun. I want to try different patterns! different types of wire - brass! copper!  Oh, the possibilities are endless with the overflowing supply I have of my beloved seaglass!

Next night: Copper wire on rootbeer seaglass w/ swirl practice.
VERA 2012 #12

 I did make it to a few sales this morning, but all that I could muster the excitement for was one VERA tea towel. That is still a good morning in my book!
Now, I'm going to go dream up some more wire wraps...


Barbara said...

Those are beautiful! It was good to see you this morning (even if that was just a weird sale, IMHO!)

Shara said...

LOVE! Gorgeous seaglass pendants! Don't you love it when you find that one thing that makes you happy? I've started making those glass tile pendants that everyone is making. But, I wanted mine to be different. So, I did some experimenting and YEEES I found something unique that is ME! Now, I hope others like it too. :) Deep breath - Spring is coming. Although it was in the 40's here all week which is crazy for Arkansas!