Sunday, December 9, 2012

... to StevesHouse we go.

As the 'foster' parent' of stuff, I tend to sometimes get attached.  I give it a good home while I have it, learn what I can about it's background, search it's soul, and it often leaves my care in better condition than it arrived.  Every once in a while I even get to learn the fate of my beloved 'stuff'.  True, this isn't always a good thing ~ but in the case of an adored ceramic tile, it is The.Most.Wonderful! report .

MARCH 2012 - svelteSTUFFj ETSY
  *Now, keep in mind, this tile was NO random sale pick-up.  When I first started working as an Interior Designer with a group of Arch/Engineers 25 years ago, one of my first jobs was to clean out & update their sample library.  I had found this tile in the depths - outdated and discontinued - to be tossed - or to be taken home, by ME, just waiting for that Perfect future project... I finally decided it was time to let it go free - so glad I did!
A couple of weeks ago we received a note from the girl who had purchased this tile from our ETSY shop.

I have finally completed (well, almost) the new home for this beautiful tile I purchased from you ...
And I must admit I am also shamelessly promoting this new endeavor I am embarking upon. I have started to sell my mosaics and I would like to invite you to visit my "show and tell" Facebook page (
StevesHouse StevesHouse) where some of my completed wares are displayed. I am hoping to be able to post this piece in the next couple of days....  It explains my plans, my mission, as it were, and the reason for the name. I think it is for a good cause and I am hoping many other people agree. I am also planning on being able to open my etsy shop (StevesHousebyPaula) in a short while where many of my wares will be available for sale.

So thank you for the beautiful inspiration of this tile and if you have some free time, I hope you will visit StevesHouse by Paula
Paula does beautiful work!  If you have a spare moment in this busy Holiday Season, stop by and check out her work ~ and her Great cause.  Hope you are all having a GREAT WEEKEND 8-)


grunge-queen said...

That is so cool - a cool tile, a cool and very artistic thing Paula has done with it, and so very cool that she contacted you to let you know what she's up to. :)

peter kenneth said...

nice write up .... and i loved the neck pieces and earrings :) thank you for sharing it with us!