Friday, December 7, 2012

...Q-tip ABUSE!!

 I had been having a WONDERFUL week...
WED. NIGHT we went to see The T.S.O. ~ If that doesn't put you in the Holiday Spirit ~ I don't know what will!!

THURSDAY, things went downhill in a hurry!  I made a quick stop by my fav. thrift on my way home from work...  The 'usuals' were doing their sorting of donations, just the other side of the dishware shelves. You know the 'usuals' - those sweet little old 'blue-haired, Q-tips' that a good gust of wind could blow away...  As I shopped, I overheard this conversation "Oh, these are Eddie Bauer, and they are BRAND NEW!, but they are SOOO Dated..., you know, out of style, do you think we should even bother to put them out?  People just. don't. wear. these things anymore!"  At this point, I HAD to peak through the shelves to see what they were discussing... solid colored TURTLENECKS!!!  UGH.  I looked down, it had been snowing when I got dressed, I was wearing my Lucky skinny jeans, tall black leather boots, a J.Jill bulky high neck sweater with a black TURTLENECK!!!!  I chat with these Q-tips fairly often, so I poked my head into the sorting area and told them:
 "Be nice about who you are calling 'out of style'!"
And their reply?
"Oh honey, that just means that you are mature enough to be secure in your personal style (wink)"
Talk about insult to injury - first the thrift Q-tips tell me I'm out of style, then they tell me I'm old - that just about killed any Holiday Buzz I had going!

Thank goodness the thrift did yield a couple of VERA for my pain and suffering...
VERA 2012 #20 (.25¢)

VERA 2012 #21 (.25¢)
 Now, back to DECORATING and all-things-HOLIDAY!
There is a sad little tree, that has been sitting on our back porch, waiting to have the misc. poop cleaned off of it, since we dug it out of the depths of a carriage house of an estate sale way back in OCTOBER!!  Guess the time is right? Hmmm... I think it has potential - TWEED looks quite content 8-).

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Shara said...

Now I feel better about my ebay note informing that I was OLD. :D

Since when are turtlenecks out of style anyway? That's just nuts.

I like your tree - it would be great for vintage ornaments in a kid-free/cat-free house.