Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It's SOOO nice when things ACTUALLY go as  Imagined!
 Case #1: THIS PIZZA! Attempted from a wonderful 'WE CAN DO THAT MEMORY' (come on, you know what I'm talking about!!).  White, fresh Basil leaf, garlic, meat, and fresh tomato 'replica' of a heavenly late nite 'pie' we had in NH a couple of weekends ago.  Turned out tasting as WONDERFUL as it looks!!!!

 Case #2: Recent attempt at DRILLING some of my beloved seaglass to create some different types of pendants.  IT WORKED!!  (and the 'learning curve' was minimal - only a couple were broken in the process!)
...since we had the father-inlaws drill-press all set up, and we were in the groove ~ no point in only one or two... right?!

...now I'm in the process of trying various different looks with cords, chains, etc... (all from sale finds - of course!!)

Then, onto the next project...

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Shara said...

I like the pendants! They are creative and very SUE!