Tuesday, October 23, 2012

...from Sea to Shiny Brite 'C'ing!

This past weekend was the 'infamous' PUMPKIN CARVIN' (27th annual for 'the crew') !!!!
J chose to practice his photography skills while I was 'playing' @ cleaning!  cool effect though...

 Of course in prep, there was the standard Cleaning, rearranging, Halloween decorating... oh, and breakage!
NOT TO FEAR! NO HAEGER WAS HARMED - YEH!!!!!!  This week we have moved onto glass.
My 'ALL HALLOWS EVE' decorating went a little more 'literal' this year, and the 'cutesy' decos were left boxed up. I'm doing a NOD to All Saints' Day /Day of The Dead and anything 'SPIRITUAL'...
Friday... I was scheduled to meet up with one of the members of 'The Crew' (pre-carving), on her way into town so we could do a little 'STUFFING', and a little 'SEA GLASSING' 8-) !!
New in package prize ribbon, Retro scarf (how could I resist that pattern?), Mini bowling pin, Bakelite Handled chrome sugar/creamer, retro Trick-Treat bags - TOTAL $2.19
VERA 2012 #17 .25¢

Ahhh... SEAGLASS, or rather 'LAKE'glass (with that single Cougar picking up more than glass! ;)
**Beach conversation**
L: 'So what anniversary is this?'
S: 'Depends on "what" you are talking about.  11, 27 or 14.'

 Time to get home and get down to BUSINESS!!
*While carving... continuation of beach conversation...*
S to L: 'Did you figure out the anniversaries 11, 27, 14? '
J: '11 is OUR anniversary'
A:'Is 27 the number of years we've been carving pumpkins?'
S:'Yes, and 14 is MY accident.'

 Saturday morning we added a 'new twist' to Pumpkin Carving weekend... 'Crafting'!  L had a desire to attempt the ever-popular ornament wreaths she had be seeing and hearing about, and I had a multitude of supplies in the studio, so....
When the 'arsenal' of glue guns and Shiny Brites came out 'the weak of heart' departed for the safety of their own homes and the golf course!

L's BEAUTIFUL gold/red LARGE wreath.  J came home and dubbed it the "MACY's" wreath!  Guess that says it all ~ not bad for a first attempt... huh?! (brat!)  If only J had taken this photo so that it came out CLEAR!! (must have been the hot glue burns on my fingers)

L was really on a roll, so she did a second, 'FALL~WINE wreath' for the member of the crew that went AWOL when 'the guns' came out, it's to be an early XMAS present, and now I have ruined the surprise by putting this photo on my blog - but I couldn't help myself.  She is awesome!!

What was S doing while L was working her magic?  Attempting her FIRST lightbulb 'thing'.  Bah.  NOT impressed.  We'll just leave it at that.

Maybe as a surround for a vase?
Maybe it will just go in the discard pile with my failed 'Canning Jar Lid' Wreath...
 I CAN'T leave you with THAT image!!
Back to our CURRENT SEASON 8-)



Shara said...

Happy 11th, Happy 27th and Congratulations on the 14th. Those all sound like reasons to celebrate to ME!

I like your wreath - I think it turned out great. You are in the same time as me - Halloween and Christmas stuff is all out and mixed up - crafting and decorating and selling.

There's LAKE Glass?????? We have lakes!

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

I knew the 11 and 14 (I remember both very clearly!), but had no clue for the 27.

As you know, the 31st is not my favorite holiday, but I am glad that you guys have been able to carry on the carving tradition.

Did you roast the seeds too? Yum Yum.

Protector of Vintage said...

The wreaths and pumpkins look wonderful!!