Thursday, June 14, 2012


Things have been 'a-bustle' around 'Chez-SVELTE' with graduation parties, the annual family garage sale and the MANY preparations for summer...  so needless to say, 'STUFFING-IT' has been a low priority item! 
I did get out to a few sales with my parents during their visit last weekend.  This sweet basket (with original contents!)followed us home.  It put me in a 'MARKET' frame of mind.
Was it any wonder that I HAD to do a 'U-turn' on my way to work yesterday when I spotted signs for my favorite Summertime Farmers Market?!


 Now, this is a small market, and they don't have anything amazing... it's open every Wednesday... in the town next to where I work.  Why do I like it? I'm not sure.  Yes, it has LOTS of Yummy Mennonite Baked goods, but that's not it.  I think that it is because of it's close proximity to the canal, and how relaxing and peaceful the park that it is held in is... (and the baked goods don't hurt!)

 While I was there perusing the stands, I noticed people scooping up bags of these 'curled greens'.  I went in for a closer look. GARLIC SCAPES. I had seen these before on the plants in my garden - but never 'FOR SALE'!?!!  I HAD to ask 'Why?' 'What for?'  The Gardener/Vendor was more than happy to go into detail about how to prepare, saute' in a stir fry w/ terriyaki or make into a pesto sauce...  Hmmmmm

So after work, off I went to our garden...

...and there are PLENTY more where these came from if we decide to try other recipes!!

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