Monday, May 7, 2012

...Cinco de Mayo 'A LOT of BLING for not much DINERO!!'

Our favorite 'Street wide' ( 1mi long avenue!!) Sale coincided with CINCO de MAYO this year.  Now this is MY idea of a celebration 8-) !  As you may recall from previous years, this is about the only 'street' sale that J concedes to tag along to.  Basically it is Hit-or-Miss as far as Quantity or Quality of merchandise goes, but if the weather is at all cooperative, it is a BEAUTIFUL walk amongst older homes.
off to a good start with this .50¢ box of Christmas
We park just once on a side street across from a church which holds a RUMMAGE SALE - which of course is my first stop!

Made our first purchase of the day, dropped it off at the Escape, and then we were off!

A brisk day, but the rain held off ~ so it was all good!  You know how some days there seems to be a theme as to what people are selling? Lately that theme seems to be 'kid stuff' more often than not, this particular day it was 'expensive handbags'?!! Coach... Vera Bradley... odd.

  As for 'OUR' purchases... feeling rather magpie-ish... if it was shiny and it caught our eye, it was fair game!
Advertising ZIPPO .25¢; Pewter 'vase' pin .10 ¢

Knock-off Louis Vuitton watch $1 and Guess silver bracelet $1

LENOX milk glass candlestick .50¢

LeSportsac .10¢, Watch Bangle $1.
Have you figured out that I have a 'thing' for watches and like to swap them up with the outfit I'm wearing that day?  Hey, if you can buy them WORKING, WITH BATTERY for a BUCK - Why Not?!  (It was kind of funny though, as I bought watches / bracelets I would put them on rather than risk losing them in the bottom of a bag ~ GOOD thing it was cold and I was wearing a jacket!  By the end of the morning I kind of looked like one of those salesmen on a corner in NYC!!!)
'MICKEY' New on Card Rhinestone pendant necklace $1

Tri-chain choker w/cool silver pendant .50¢

Retro silver link belt .25¢

Corning glass choker .10¢
This is for all you PYREX LOVERS...  a glass choker from the Corning Museum of art!!  This little gem was definite Love at first site 8-)

Last but not least was a NEW/Unopened Bath & Body Works APPLE PIE foaming soap Hand Sanitizer - a definite must after a l.o.n.g. morning!!
Awaiting us when we got home...
Lovely day.

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Vintage Christine said...

I love the little tussy mussy pin and I'm so jealous that you had such a great sale to go to. That pendant from the Corning Museum is awesome.