Monday, February 27, 2012!

...and lately I have been realizing that I must stop living through other people's blogs, and stop writing about the life I love, and start
100% L.I.V.I.N.G. IT!!
So, if I seem to be M.I.A. a little more than usual this SPRING...
that is a GOOD THING 8-)!
Catch you on the 'flip side'!


Lynn said...

Great site that flicker group - did you look at the Etsy seller theluckyfish, too - amazing amount of vera goodness!

thanks for posting - now go do something!! Lynn from YSQ

Scott Lindberg said...

Glad you liked our collection. We've spent almost a decade building it. Vera's work is just so fun ... it's hard to not buy every piece we see!

Shara said...

Well, don't go away forever......:) I'd miss you! :)