Monday, January 10, 2011 what's a girl in need of a 'stuff-fix' to do??

I've shown you the results of a few VERY Lackluster days of thrifting last week, and when my Friday morning 'usuals' only yielded this grapevine wreath, it was barely enough to keep me from 'throwing in the towel'.

Friday night, after work, DH & I had a 'Hot Friday Night on The Town' - ran errands, visited the inlaws (which now includes a stop at the Nursing Home - always a Fri. night treat!), dinner... . Got home and settled in for the evening with warm comfy clothes and slippers. DH was working on a project on the computer. All of a sudden I put my coat and a hat on (still in slippers) - DH looked up "WHERE are you going??" SILLY! Of course he should know the answer to that, dressed the way I was, at that hour of the night... " To the ATTIC!" (aka "fairweather STUDIO".

Oh, EVERYONE should have an 'ATTIC' or a place of retreat when thrifting gets dire, (or when thrifting is Very good for that matter!!). 'MY' attic is 'MY' haven. 'MY' studio. 'MY' storage. DH gets the garage. I get the attic. No, I have not broken down and let DH finish it off and climate control it... YET. It is still in it's unfinished glorious form. Yes it has full insulated wood floors, new windows & new roof; but the rafters are all uninsulated & exposed, yielding it about 15° warmer than the exterior in the Winter, and much warmer than the exterior in the Summer. Spring and Fall are Wonderful though.

I digress, so I was on a mission to the Attic. I had remembered the Grapevine wreath I had purchased that morning. I grabbed a basket and went 'shopping' in my massive stash.

Silver garland - check
'Junk' RED ornaments - check
'Junk' PINK ornaments - check
Hi-temp Hot Glue Gun - check
Lotsa Glue - check
can't feel my fingers anymore, gotta go back downstairs......

So, this snowy weekend was spent 'destashing' - thanks to inspiration from Sonya over at Dime Store Thrift. What do you think - an improvement on the 80's grapevine wreath? I personally prefer it this way!

Oh, I guess I could have spent the weekend doing something productive like cleaning or putting things on ETSY - but isn't this FUN?!!
Hope you are having FUN even if 'the stuff' is eluding you!


Shara said...

Bee-U-ti-ful! I want to make one of these too. But, I am lacking in red ornies. Maybe the thrift gods will bring me some.......

Last night at 9:00, DH took the trash out then came into the garage to get a trash bag. He got the trashbag, closed teh door and turned off the light. HELLO! I was out there digging in my stash and he didn't even miss me or see me out there. :( Of course, I am out there a lot. :D

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

This is lovely! What a good idea.

Amanda @ Tall Glass of Water said...

I absolutely love it! I especially like the silver garland behind the pink. Too cute!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE it! I just sacrificed my attic sanctuary for a man cave. Ultimately I'm at one...I think I like the cave even more than he does! But now I need to scope out a new home for my crafty bits.