Sunday, January 9, 2011

"...the council is NOT amused."

Does anyone remember that famous line from the old Bewitched series, when Samantha would occassionally have to appear before the Witches council? Well, that pretty much sums up 2011, thus far, for me in regards to 'stuff'! The 'weather' didn't hit our area until sometime early this morning, so this past week I was out scouring the thrifts, junk-shops, 2nd hand shops, next-to-news, consignments, and any other 'Port in a Storm' that I could find to fill my need for a GOOD FIX. But, alas, I hit a record (for me!) eleven different stores within a week with VERY UNREMARKABLE results!!!! Here is the loot that I brought home in it's unedited form... (are you ready for the excitement???)
scarf and fleece hat to brighten up the day to day wardrobe

a couple of Retro Geiger tops, coming soon to an Etsy shop near you

a bag full of vintage seam bindings, new & used, priced too good to pass up, can never have enough of this stuff - can you?!
OH - there was ONE SCORE.....

VERA! 2011 #1... a Bunch of Grapes!! (perfect for the FingerLakes where we Love our Wine!)
*Another purchase, but that was SOO NASTY & TACKY, purchased with a direct project in mind - and already partially rehabbed- that it shall wait until the 'after' photos are ready, so you don't think that I have completely lost my mind!
Come on 2011, you can do better than this ~ Right?!


Shara said...

I left a comment, but it is gone?????

Anyway - I haven't thrifted a single thing yet this year. I need a FIX! Just one photoworthy thing, please, oh please?

Can't wait for the nasty & tacky item. Woohoo!

Mom Walds Place said...

Ditto, but you still did waaaaay better. Vera Grapes...sigh.

Orange Sink said...

Hi Sue,
I see it's all over the map with the thrift store finds being so so! You still manage to find some pretty neat goodies!
Thank-you for keeping tabs on my blog sweet girl! I am glad to see you wanting to start a rug hooking project! You can find the best as is wool when you are thrifting. That's where I have found the most of my wool stash. Look on Ebay for a bliss cutter. Once in awhile one slips through the cracks on there for a reasonable price. In the meantime you can tear the wool into strips by hand.
I will try and post some beginning tips on my blog as soon as I get over these moods I've been in lately! I can't seem to get back into anything and keep procrastinating with goofy posts on my blog!
This too shall pass....... I hope!
Happy hunting and start looking for 100% Wool.....
Cathy G