Sunday, January 22, 2017

"...if it makes you HAPPY..."

((Have you sufficiently got Sheryl Crow's tune in your head yet??))
...go ahead...
...Google it...'s worth it!

Okay.  So I was a 'bit' late in getting the last of our Holiday decorations up ~ 'The Garlands',  but since our 'Holiday' guests weren't coming until 12-26, putting them up on 12-23 'really' wasn't THAT late... RIGHT? (that's my story, and I'm sticking to it)

...AND, since they were sooooo 'delayed' in going up, I could justify my procrastination in taking them down!
Last week I finally bit the bullet.
Taking them down and packing them away only takes about 1/2 the time of putting them up, and I couldn't put my finger on just why I dreaded this part of the process SOOO Much every.year!

The ornies were tucked safely away in their boxes in the attic, and all that remained were the naked green garlands.  I was just about to start taking them down when I suddenly felt 'SAD'...??  I should have been relieved that this portion of the 'work' was behind me, but I just kinda felt 'empty' - Can anybody else relate???

"If it makes you happy
It can't be that bad
If it makes you happy
Then why the hell are you so sad"

THEN I had a wackadoodle Brainstorm, that any sane person would have dismissed with a good strong drink.  I headed back up to the attic, pulled out any and all PINK-WHITE-PURPLE & RED ((only)) ornies from my Craft EXCESS that I could find!
 The Garlands w/ ornaments are staying for a while longer!!
 At least through Valentines Day!
 ...and who knows, maybe if I haven't tired of them in March, they will get all GREEN for St. Patricks....

In these long NE Winter months, if something so simple can put a smile on your face....  like the song says:


Shara said...

I say, it's my house and if it makes me happy, then it is OKAY. I took all my stuff down after the 1st and I have just been feeling depressed - no happy, no color. BLAH. I bought a bunch of clearance ornaments and made a HUGE red wreath and yesterday I brought in some pink and red Shiny Brites to add to the Valentines stuff which I brought in earlier than normal just for some HAPPY. If people can have rooms of NASCAR and rooms of Precious Moments - why can't we have Shiny Brites out all year long?!?!!

Cheapchick said...

Great idea! My house looks so bare now that all my Christmas vintage crap is put away. I do have one cupboard in the bedroom where I keep my antique/vintage Christmas kids books and my Christmas Holt Howards - year round. I miss the lights part of it too though