Sunday, March 27, 2016

...S'MORE fuel.

I am smitten by 'creating' with 'Found' objects!
With the weather Finally warming a 'bit', my latest obsession is...

There are So many beauties of Driftwood (besides it's naturally wondrous beauty and characteristics)....

Starting with the scenic locale's that you MUST go 'in search of'.

...and the Fun Cafe's you find (in search of Java & RestRooms!!)

~there is always the added Bonus of alternative finds (BEACH GLASS!!)
Some alternative finds, however do not come home! 
NOTE TO SELF: look more closely at that COOL piece of 'driftwood' before reaching for it - teeth and 'eye balls' are a NO! 

Nautical inspired vase
Sandpail - Driftwood PENDANT display
w/ pottery bowl for holding packaged units!

 While out combing the serene water shores that are 'Pre Season', there is much time for meditation and inspiration can strike at ANY TIME!

Driftwood stores Beautifully, and when you tire of working with it, the disposal of excess supplies is FUN and THRIFTY too...
ie: S'more Fuel!!

Do not fear - I have not forsaken my love of ...

(ie: recycled plastic bags)



(Easter Pie!!)

But lately our main source of 'stuff' is our Attic inventory!!

???  Does Anybody know anything about these old Woolworth tags or WilliamSonoma mini copper molds:????

 Hope you all enjoy your day, however you choose to spend it!!

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Le-Chat said...

Key tags. I use those big jump rings for my hand made key chains. Haven't found them in ages...